The Cherry Post No.57 | Totes Cool

The Cherry Post No.57 | Totes Cool

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

This week have been fun and productive, the way I like it!


Which is your favourite?

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At the end of last week I live streamed over Instagram oh how I print tote bags, it’s a shame that it’s not possible to archive a live stream as it would be great to show. I purchased a tripod last week for the live stream so I could use my phone but there is was an audio problem so had to use another device which was trying to set up but part from I believe it went well. I have go back on my word for the time being on doing it every Sunday as I need to sort a few things out before I can do another Instagram live stream but might do something on Facebook Live instead.

What I was printing over live stream was the new tote bags with a gusset, stronger than the ones I had on sale during 2015/2016. I didn’t go want to go over the top with the designs so I only produced the Yonko’s Messenger design (the version produced in 2016 for the t-shirts) and Rabbit’s Aren’t Just For Easter for now to see how they sell and then produce more at a later date (ok next month for the Lamport Hall Event. Which design is your favourite?

Something interesting I went to last week was an Artist Shindig, I confess it hasn’t been something I would normally think about going to do but because of a friend talking to me about it I decided to get a ticket for me and went (originally planned to go with friend but she later couldn’t go so went by myself). The event itself was a great event I can’t fault it as the venue, atmosphere, food and music was great but and there is a big but, there was a lot of people there that are from music and the theatre aka the type of people I normally wouldn’t chat to so I personally found it awkward so there wasn’t anything in common to chat about, part from my personal view I personally would recommend to people.

The past 2 weeks I have been talking about a day out to London, sadly due to some complications (such as work and holiday next month) I have now have to delay that til late April and May which is annoying but going to go to London eventually!


Custom stamp for @oconnor_photos 😊

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Something different I produced this week for a client was a custom stamp for a good friend/client, I haven’t produced a custom stand since late 2015(?) I believe so it was fun to produce another one, can you guess what it is?



On Instagram I have been doing the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge this week which was been fun to join in on :)

Next week is my birthday (Bonfirecherry’s is next month), so with that I’m planning something special at the Bonfiecherry Etsy, more details about that closer to the time via the Bonfirecherry twitter/Instagram/facebook as I recommend not missing out on the news!

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