The Cherry Post No.56 | Well This Is Awkward...Again

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

I did have planned to talk about a day out to London but due to a complication I have to delay going there til next week.

So I thought I talk about some upcoming plans instead such as on Sundays over at the Bonfirecherry Instagram I will be doing some live streaming starting this week with me printing on the new stronger tote bags with a gusset that I discovered last year and been waiting for to bring to the Bonfirecherry etsy next week, I only be using 2 designs to see if they work and will add more at a later date. So be sure to join in from 2pm GMT over at the Bonfirecherry Instagram (it’s a shame that the live videos can’t be archive)

I will plan to do more live streams via Facebook too but I am thinking of doing that once every month (I do have the option of twitter where I have the most followers but as a windows phone user I don’t have periscope on my phone so I can only live stream via twitter if I borrow my brothers ipad). What do you think I should do?

With there being 58 days til Lamport I’ve decided to work on a sign to tell people where my stall is located, I’m going to be an award spot so this week I continued to work on the wooden whale that I spray painted last year and wrote on it where I am and what offers I’ve got on etc, what do you think?

Recently I published Part 2 of Printmakers Unite with Birsen Ozbilge (which you can read here), I have got another talented printmaker in mind for part 3 but I will not be working on Part 3 til towards the end of March as I want to make the interviews a monthly thing, well that’s the idea at least.

Sorry for the short Cherry post this week, as I started off the post with I did have in mind to talk about my trip to London which won’t be til next week now so had to think what else to talk about.

See you all next week!


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