The Cherry Post No.55 | Early Spring Clean

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The Cherry Post No.55 | Early Spring Clean

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post.

It’s been more of a relaxing 7 days than the previous week’s as I mainly spent time spring cleaning the print shed (where the print magic happens) and brainstorm new ideas among other things



I’m a messy person so the print shed does get very messy a lot eg ink over the table and a many pieces of lino over the floor from the result of carving so I’ve made sure to clean the shed on a monthly basis.

There is some history behind the shed, me and my brother both bought the shed via an online auction from a school that was closing down so I own one side (if you see the Instagram video above that’s why there is a yellow line spray painted across the floor) and my brother the other. I acquired the drying rack from someone who used to work in a school and knew someone who was going to throw it away, similar story with the tote bag stand (that you see part of on top of the drawers) but didn’t get that from a school.

It's going to be Bonfirecherry's 4th birthday in April and during that time I've produced carving a lot of pieces of lino. So to make sure they are in a safe place, I've recently put all the pieces of lino I've still got over from 2013 (I've only lost about 8% of all the designs I've produced) into a ammo box I purchased last year for big events. Something I do find funny with this box that it only cost me £1 at a small village garage sale which I just couldn't refuse at that price!

Speaking of big events I attended my first big one last year, while I rather go into it how it went (lets just say how I'm not talking about it is a sign on how it went) I wanted to talk about something quirky I purchased awhile ago which I used to show off offers I had on for the event. The item I'm talking about is the wooden whale (shown above) which I purchased way back in 2015, with my first event I'm attending this year is another big one I've decided bring it back but to make sure it gets noticed I've spray painted it from black to bright red!

I have been thinking of easter designs, I did produce some themed products last year which I am planning on bringing back. Only thing about Easter is that I'm away on holiday (to Portugal) for a few days just before Easter Sunday so it be a bit awkward regarding Easter orders but I will have to give that a think closer to the time.

I am looking forward to next week as I'm planning on having a day out in London with one of my best friends Faye to the Tate Modern and Tate Britain. It's been 4 years since I visited the Modern and around 9 years for the Tate Britain so it's going to be interesting both of them while sightseeing (which is hard not to do in London!), so make sure to keep eye on the Bonfirecherry Twitter/Facebook/Instagram for the pics & videos!

I think that's everything for this, I like to say a huge thank you for everyone who reads the Cherry Post as they are fun to post. If you got any suggestions what I could do a blog post about please do comment below :)


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