The Cherry Post No.54 | Tea Towels, Magic + Interviews

Hello to this week’s Cherry Post, the past 7 days has been very productive & creative!

I’ve spent a fair few days in the print shed this week, which started off working on pre-orders which I received from the Bonfirecherry Etsy such on the hand printed tea towel design Yummy (Black) and a custom Rabbits Aren’t Just For Easter (Black) hand printed tote bag which were both fun to produce, you can see the finished off tea towel which can be pre-ordered here.

With the pre-orders and custom orders it was great to wrap them up with the new business cards I got recently, haven’t see them yet? You can see it here.

This week I’ve been working on a Magic Bean Emporium exclusive item (Will only be available there and nowhere else), some unique medium hand printed knot-wrap inspired by the Deathly Hallows in Harry Potter which have been fun to work on this week, What do you think of the design? Comment below

Last year I started the first part of a series of interviews with fellow printmakers which I first started off with the pretty and talented Emma Higgins who also works with linocut, you can read the interview here. Since then I’ve been so busy to work on part 2..til now I won’t reveal who I’ve got for the next part, you will have to wait and see next week but all I can say the interview is a fun read 😊

I ended the last Cherry Post talk about live streaming a Q&A, I’m planning on next month to do a live stream both on at the Bonfirecherry Facebook + Instagram when I’m producing a new design, I would do it this month but I don’t have a tripod so holding off til next month to purchase one.

I think that’s all for this week’s Cherry Post, thank you very much for reading. If you got any suggestions on what I could do a blog post about please do comment below.


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