The Cherry Post No.53 | What A Yummy Week!

The Cherry Post No.53 | What A Yummy Week!

Hello everyone to this week’s Cherry Post

The previous week’s posts I’ve started off talking about a visit to a small business and print work after, this week is no different but this should be the last time for awhile due I need to starting saving money for a week holiday to Lisbon, Portugal in April among other things but still will continue to support the business I have been talking about and will be talking about through other means as I like to support fellow local businesses.

Last week I produced some colourful prints such as different versions of the print  “Can You Even Walk In Those?” and a design I originally produced back in 2015 called “Tea Time” which I can now reveal are for available to be purchased framed at The Bread and Butter Factory. Which print do you like the most?



As shown above you can purchase framed Bonfirecherry Prints from The Bread and Butter Factory, The Plump Partridge & Magee St Bakery also unique Harry Potter inspired Platform 9 ¾ t-shirts from The Magic Bean Emporium. While I’m talking about The Magic bean Emporium I will be producing something else for the wonderful small business but more that next week.

This week I got around to printing on something that I’ve never printed on before which was tea towels! I won’t go into the reason why I’ve got some in stock but it was fun working on something different, I decided for the tea towels to come up with a new design. I’ve been meaning to come up with a food idea for awhile, tried an idea last year but didn’t go well so I tried again and I like to think this design turned out very well. This tea towel is available to order at the Bonfirecherry Etsy but is only a pre-order only item.

Yesterday I hosted a live Q&A at the Bonfirecherry Facebook page which was fun to do and got asked some really good questions. You can watch the Q&A here I plan on doing more live streams (via facebook & instagram) in the the future, any ideas what i can do for them.

I think that's all for this week, thank you very much for reading!


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