The Cherry Post No.52 | The Magic High Heels

Welcome to this week’s Cherry Post!

The previous 2 weeks I started off talking about a visit to a wonderful small business for lunch and this post will start off the same yet again this week.




This time around I visited the Magic Bean Emporium, if you love Harry Potter I highly recommend checking this wonderful business out if you ever visit Northampton (UK) as that’s what the place is inspired by. The business specialises in milkshakes & sundaes with interesting flavours and names so after something savoury (as this was going to be my lunch) I so had to try one, I haven’t visited the place in quite some time due to being busy (same how it was with The Bread & Butter Factory which I talked about last week) but previous times I only ever had the milkshakes and not there other specialty. Usually I would do a Instagram video to show off what it’s like inside etc but it was pretty busy on Saturday that I had the window seat, not complaining just thought I explain there isn’t much pics of the décor compared to the previous 2 great/local small business I talked about the previous weeks to show quirky it was inside, anyway I had a very nice apple pie flavoured milkshake and the Magic Bean Sundae (I just had to just on the name alone haha), as the pics above show, it was very nice!

I might be talking about the Magic Bean Emporium again in a future Cherry Post relating to some print work, you will have to wait and see.


New business cards 😀 #printmaker #smallbusiness #Northants #Northampton

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Now that’s me talking about food & drink for the third week running finished, lets talk about what Bonfirecherry got up to this week such as getting new business cards!

This was something I had to do since I changed over a few things regarding the direction Bonfirecherry is now going eg no longer doing t-shirts & notebooks. I’ve only focused on the business cards at the moment and will change the banner with the old tag line nearer to the time of the Art, Craft & Design Fair at Lamport Hall at the end of April due to cost. Please comment below with your thoughts 😊

I have finally got the new high heel inspired print at the Bonfirecherry Etsy this week which I have decided to call “Can You Even Walk In Those?” as that’s what I would say if I ever saw someone ever wear a pair of heels like that.

I am now able to live stream using Instagram which is great as I want to do a lot more videos, I plan on doing a live Q&A on facebook soon so I may start to use the live stream & story option on Instagram at events to show how Bonfirecherry is doing etc I need to get myself a phone attachment for a tripod as it would be pretty good to live stream producing new ideas, what do you guys think of that idea? Please comment below with ideas I can do print wise over live stream.

I've recently done stock take at my retail job which I do alongside Bonfirecherry, so it's given me the idea to stocktake everything I've got in preperation for new ideas & the Lamport Hall event at the end April. Possibly might do it next week but haven't confirmed the date yet.

I think that's all for this week, thank you all for reading :)


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Hi. What about ? ?Yellow Diamonds and ??. They’re pretty and so good in use. Sure you have pretty many ideas of yourself.

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