The Cherry Post No.51 | Lunch, Prints & Knot-Wrap

Welcome to this week’s Cherry Post


At @thebreadandbutterfactory for lunch Yummy 😋😍 #supportlocal #supportsmall #northants #northampton

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Let’s start the post by talking about the wonderful lunch I had at The Bread and Butter Factory during the week, I love support fellow small businesses but sometimes you end up too busy that you may not visit some more than others and sadly this was one of them which I’m promising this year to visit & support more. Actually visited this wonderful small business twice during the past few days both for lunch which was very nice, something about the atmosphere (and the great food) that I love about the place.

I’ve been working on new linocut print designs this week which have been fun, the past few months I’ve spent more time on other products that it feels good to work on new prints again. Currently working on getting the colours right and think of a good name before I put them at the shop next week. I’m planning on having the high heel print as shown above available to buy at The Bread and Butter Factory framed, similar to I have the All Saints (Aubergine) A4 Linocut Print at the Plump Partridge nearby (I plan on producing more of the All Saints print next week to bring back to the Bonfirecherry Etsy)

At the time I’m finishing this week’s post (Thursday evening) I will be adding the printed knot-wrap to the Bonfirecherry shop which I’ve been working on the past few weeks, I’ve had my friend Julia Harris from JMHPhoto Stories help me with the creative photography as she is very talented & a good friend 😊 You can find all the printed knot-wrap here, please comment below which design is your favourite. Currently the knot-wrap will only be bandanna sized (50 x 50cm) to wrap smaller items with limited stock to see what works then when they sell out I will move up to scarf sized knot-wrap but will keep the smaller size available.

93 days til my first event of 2017 and have already got a layout in mind for all the items I will have on shown then eg prints, bags, badges, notebooks (fair only), t-shirts (fair only) and the printed knot-wrap. I’m only planning on having all the items available at big events (depending how the Lamport Hall event goes, I do have another big event towards the end of the year but more about closer to the time) and will have to cut down at a smaller events such as fairs I have at Abington Park Museum (find all the blog posts about the times I’ve appeared at the museum here).

I think that's all for this week, thanks for reading!


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