The Cherry Post No.50 | Wow 50 Already?

The Cherry Post No.50 | Wow 50 Already?

Wow can’t believe it’s the 50th Cherry post this week!

This week was a very creative and interesting one like always, shortly after last week’s CP I spent the weekend producing all the wonderful and amazing printed knot-wrap that I can confirm is coming to Bonfirecherry Wednesday 25th January!

I’m starting a bandanna sized knot-wrap to start with and will do bigger if these turn out to be a very popular item as I am hoping them to be 😊 I have got a talented friend who is helping me photograph these knot-wrap in creative ways that I can use at the Bonfirecherry Etsy.

Something I was finally able to use last Saturday was a £15 voucher my aunty got me for Christmas for the Plump Partridge, last week I wasn't well so it was good to finally use it as it's great to support fellow small businesses and you can see above, I like to think I used the voucher wisely :)

After producing the quirky & unique knot-wrap I had an interesting Monday evening, I went to an event called the January Blues Binner organised by Elsie’s Cafe. Northampton’s Real Junk Food Project (click here to find more about this amazing project) at a brewery!


The food was amazing and very yummy that Im still full now! Amazing work from @mageestbakery + Elsie's Cafe

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Such an amazing night

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I let the pictures and video above do all the talking, all the food we had that event was going to be thrown away which would be a shame but thankfully got saved by Elsie’s Cafe & used by Elliot & Alfie from Magee Street Bakery at the Albion Brewery Bar where this January binner was being hosted at. I was stuff by the time I left, I highly recommending checking out similar projects to Elsie’s Cafe if there is any around your area.



Going back to the subject of printed knot-wrap, a friend of mine (same as the one mentioned at the start of the post regarding the photographs) gave me the idea of producing a valentines day inspired knot-wrap which will be custom only to help wrap up the small valentines gifts in a very unique way.

I can announce in this post (as I would have updated the home page of by the time this post is published) that the first event Bonfirecherry will be appearing at is... the Art, Craft & Design Fair at Lamport Hall in Northampton Sunday 30th April & 1st May (find out more about the event here). After some thought & research I’m planning on doing 2 two days events this year instead of one really big event as I did last year (all I can say about last years event, it was an experience), the 2nd big event won’t be announced til later on in the year.

The day this Cherry Post is published (Friday) I have got an interesting day planned I’m planning on working on 2 new badge designs (due to the knot-wrap it’s pushed new prints til next week & tote bags next month) which I am super excited about after visiting The Bread & Butter Factory for lunch which was a cool place I checked out last year (as mentioned in this post). I will talk about today and everything else I will be getting up to the next 7 days in the Cherry post no.51

Thank you very much for reading & see you amazing people next week!



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