The Cherry Post No.49 | New Year, Look & Direction

Hello to the first Cherry Post of 2017!

After a few weeks break from print work I came back in the new year with big changes to bring to Bonfirecherry & new products

First let’s talk about the big changes to Bonfirecherry itself such as the built it shop at is no longer there as shown with the lack of shopping cart in the top right corner of the page where it used to be, BC is back on Etsy!

A few people during the last year have suggested about Etsy and after some thought I decided to go back to Bonfirecherry’s roots and go back over to the site where I used to sell my items between 2014- May 2015. Only the location of where you can buy BC’s products have changed, everything else at this site is still the same.


What do you think of this #pentominoes (#tetris) inspired knot-wrap design?

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A new year means a slightly new direction for Bonfirecherry, in 2016 I focused on prints/tote bags/badges/notebooks/t-shirts. In 2017, the direction I want BC to go is prints/tote bags (stronger ones with a gusset)/badges and printed knot-wrap!

For a few weeks even before I went on the Christmas break I did think the new product would be wrapping paper but after a visit to Lush around Christmas I discovered knot-wrap which is an eco-friendly version of wrapping paper (the Japanese call it Furoshiki), think of it as wrapping fabric that can be used for various different things too such as the ones I’ve been working the past week are the side of a bandanna so the knot-wrap can be used for wrapping up small gifts and used as a bandanna after.

I’ve decided to start with the size I’ve got first so I get to know how long it takes me to print the design etc, I’ve produced 3 of 4 designs I’ve got planned to release before the end of the month. I plan on having a few finished off by Tuesday to which I will then pass over the products to a talented photographer friend of mine who is going to photograph them for me before I put them on sale, there will only be a limited stock to see how they fair so if they are popular then I will produce bigger sizes (don’t forget I can be commissioned to do bigger ones for you now 😊 ). More about knot-wrap next week.

There will be more Bonfirecherry vs & Printmaker Unite posts in the upcoming weeks, more details about them closer to the time.

I think that’s enough for this week I believe, please comment below on your thoughts on the stuff I have been talking about as I would love to hear them 😊

Thanks for reading!

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