The Cherry Post No.48 | Final Cherry Post Of 2016

Welcome to Bonfirecherry’s last Cherry Post for 2016!

This week has been more relaxed compared to the previous week as from Monday I will on my break from any print work for Christmas.

Last Saturday I visited the wonderful Plump Partridge for lunch (I do try to go there for lunch every now and then, the picture above is from last night due to selling a framed print so wanted to show the new framed one off) because I love to support small businesses and to drop off a box of cool and unique discounted mounted prints I had left over from fairs during 2016 which you will only able to purchase them during Christmas. So, if you are ever hungry and live in/around Northampton I recommend checking the place out and check out the prints too, I have a framed All Saints linocut print there too which you can only purchase there (I decided there due to the All Saints Church is just behind the building).

Later that Saturday in the evening I hosted a games evening with friends which was fun, with more people liking to play games online etc I decided early last year to do play board games with people I like to hang around with as it’s different and saves money going into town etc The one we’ve been loving the most has been Cards Against Humanity, probably won’t be til the new year or so when I have another one but I’ve ordered 2 new games which I want to try out as they seem pretty good. Comment below with the last board game you remember playing with friends or family

As I’ve finished printing for 2016 with no big projects planned I decided to give the print shed table a clean, it’s been messy for quite some time I confess with nearly 2 years’ worth of ink on it. With some cleaning stuff and a metal scrapper I managed to get about 95% off the ink, see above the before and after pictures.

After I done all the cleaning that I mentioned above I did end up doing some printing. I did think “Why buy some Christmas cards when I can print some?” I managed to get myself some blank cards at a good price and used the candy cane lino again as I used it recently with the wrapping paper so thought it be the best option.

I ended up yesterday going to the Northampton Town & County Art Society Annual Exhibition at the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery which I didn’t know about til my friend Faye invited me to visit with her. I honestly loved what I saw, from amazing linocut prints which inspired me to some amazing award from my friend Jean Edwards who won the Val Sibley print prize at the exhibition (find out more about her work here

More of a personal thing than a Bonfirecherry related one but from last Monday (12th) to 12th March 2017 I'm banning myself from any chocolate for 90 days. Which I know sounds like a crazy idea giving by we are near christmas but without going too much into my health issues part from that I'm overweight (really doesn't look it at 6ft) and I like chocolate more than anything so going to cold turkey during the most tempting time of the year!

I think that wraps up the final Cherry Post for 2016, I know I have 2 more weeks to go til the end of the year but as I be on my Christmas break from next Monday and the Cherry Post is all about what Bonfirecherry has been up to I think I put the Cherry Post on break til I return to printmaking in Jan 2017. I did think of doing 2016 highlights but still debating on that. In its place, I have got some interviews planned with 3 people/small businesses who have helped me/Bonfirecherry during 2016 so be sure to keep your eye out that in the upcoming weeks!

Thank you for all reading, please comment below on thoughts you have regarding what I’ve been talking about J


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