The Cherry Post No.47 | Custom Work, Sales, Fairs + 2017

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The Cherry Post No.47 | Custom Work, Sales, Fairs + 2017

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

During the past 7 days Bonfirecherry has been working on a commission, the last one day sale of 2016 and starting to work on new idea for 2017 so there is a few things to talk about this week.

My focus the past week has been a commission, I was going to say this commission was special but all custom projects are special in their own way. The design for this one became one of the most complicated designs I have produced in quite some time (the last one being a tote bag design of Santa Del Naranco in Portugal) This commission has got me working on stronger tote bags (with a gusset) than the ones I’ve been using for quite some time now which has got me thinking about converting over to these stronger bags in 2017. Something different with this commission was that I tried new ink as the regular ink I use was not available, good results so far!

After next Monday I will no longer be accepting commissions for 2016 so this will be the last time I will be talking about commissions for this year (well maybe in the 2016 highlights blog posts which I might be doing, comment below if I should).

During 2017 I split’s stock between the site and fairs, this week I got around to adding the unsold fair stock back to the site with the notebooks taking me the longest to do eg adding about 120 worth of notebooks to the shop. By doing this I am not going to sell out many products any time soon but do have limited stock of tote bags.

While I am writing this post last One Day Sale of 2016 is going on with some great prices such as half price on tote bags (mainly because of what I’ve just talked about in the second paragraph). By the time this blog post is published the sale will be over but do have a clearance sale planned on New Year’s Day (still debating on the length, you will have to wait and see).

This week after listening some suggestions and looking back on what worked/what didn’t work I started to produce some ideas for 2017 such as a few prints and tote bags designs, something I did the most was using all the social media tools that the sites give me to show me who are Bonfirecherry’s best target audience so I can focus my ideas towards them more in the new year. The only thing I can show off/talk about when it comes to ideas/designs for 2017 is wrapping paper, this is something I produced a few weeks ago for the fairs to see how they were and got good feedback. As I've got enough products at the site I've decided to hold off til next year so I can try the designs I've got out on christmas/birthday gifts I've got to wrap up so I can see what designs do work and which ones don't.

I will only be working on new ideas til 19th December when I shall be having a few weeks off any print work for the Christmas break so might do the 2016 highlights posts instead of the cherry post but I will decided nearer to the time.

I think that is enough for this post, thanks for reading!




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