The Cherry Post No.45 | Countdown To Christmas

The Cherry Post No.45 | Countdown To Christmas

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

For those who read the last cherry post, the start of this post might sound like Deja-vu as I am going to start this week’s post talking about how the last event I attended and then about preparation for the next one. The only difference this week is that the 2nd event is not on the following Saturday but on a Thursday evening (the day before this post is published).


So anyway, last Saturday I attended the Christmas Fair at Abington Park Museum in Northampton. As mentioned a few times before I just love this venue as it’s such a cool place and I always do great there. This time around proved my love as the event turned out to be my most successful event of 2016 (so far) which really made me smile. Like last week’s event I took the advice to use height to my advance again which I like to think worked as I did get a few good comments about the prints I had on shown on top of a wooden box I used for height. Something I did miss having on show from the last event was my award which I made sure was on show for people to see, what do you think of the stall layout? Please comment below

Between the two events this week I did plan on working on a cool commission I’ve currently got on the go but it’s been sooooooooooooo cold this week (especially around the times I’ve been free) that my hands were near frozen trying to carve so I’ve had to delay this custom project til today (Friday) when the weather is slightly warmer. I will show off the custom project next week.


Yesterday I attended the last event Bonfirecherry will be appearing at for 2016 and I like to think it was a special one as it was at my old school eg The Duston School's Food & Gift Market. Well I was the last year of the Duston Upper School before they changed changed the school to what it is (Google/Bing the two if ever interested). Anyway similar to the Abington Park Museum fair this event attracted the lot of people and I was lucky to have roughly the same amount of space I had so laying out my stock wasn't a problem (well part from where to put the t-shirt).

Overall the last two events for Bonfirecherry in 2016 was successes that I can't complain. Like what I always do, I will always look into how I can improve the stall to make it even more professional.

Just in case you haven't read what sales I've got planned this month (which you can find out here) I do have something planned for Small Business Saturday that for ONE DAY ONLY there will be FREE SHIPPING on all available items at Then on Sunday I will have the final One Day Sale for 2016 before a New Years Clearance sale I've got planned on New Years day as there is a few designs I want to shift for new ones to take it's place in 2017.

As I've no longer got any upcoming fairs/event coming up I have changed the section on the front page of to talk about custom work, what do you think of the change?

I am slowly cutting down on any print work in the upcoming weeks as I will be going on a holiday break from 19th December til 8th January 2016 and got a personal project I want to focus on so it's a mystery even to know what I be talking about next week.

Thank you very much for reading, if you got any suggestions for what I should do for a blog post please do comment below.


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