The Cherry Post No.44 | Wrappin' Good Week!

The Cherry Post No.44 | Wrappin' Good Week!

Hello all to this week’s cherry post which is now back to a normal weekly schedule after the double cherry post last week.

I ended the last post talking about preparing for a fair so this one is going to be about the fair went, what I’ve been up to during the week & been preparing for another fair.

Something I was looking forward to seeing the most at the Christmas Market at the Duston Community Centre (which was only a few streets away from a live so reason why I chose to do the event in the first place haha) was showing off the new banner I purchased a while ago.

The last event I attended was a big one which took me 2/3 months to prepare for so the Christmas market I didn’t really need to do a lot part from working out a layout on how I can get as much stock on a small stall without overflowing it. I do try my best to give my stall a different look each time during the past 2 years and one of the suggestions I keep on getting was to add height, which I did do with the tote bag holder (got it for free would you believe? I won’t go into where I got it from but didn’t steal it) so followed the same advice again using one of the wooden crates I purchased for the big event in August.

The Christmas Market itself went well, there was a good flow of people most of the day where I had some sales there and online (I had a One Day Sale here at on that day and there is going to be another one tomorrow) so can’t complain.

Most of this week has been preparing for another event I’ve been looking forward to due to it’s at one of my favourite locations, I’m talking about the Christmas Fair at Abington Park Museum in Northampton. I like the venue to it’s a cool way of showing your items off in an interesting location filled with history and the event is advertised by the local town council so it gets good advertising (not just advertised on facebook like most events are and complain that not a lot people come as the type of people who come to a lot of events like craft fairs don’t even have social media. I will leave this moan to another time as I could fill a whole blog post about this).

Because at tomorrow’s event I get more space that I usually would have I decided to use that to my advantage and produce something I haven’t made before.. printed wrapping paper! I’ve had the item to produce some for a few weeks now for next year but after finding a big roll in my cardboard and didn’t have much planned on one of my days off I decided to print a few in 3 different designs to see if they are popular. If they are popular at tomorrows and next week’s event I make sure to produce some for

Today is Black Friday (well the day this cherry post is published) so just in case you haven’t heard for TODAY ONLY you can get 30% off all shop items (expect for pre-order ones) with code BlackFridayBC! Because it is Black Friday and it’s one of the busiest days in retail I am working longer hours that I normally would, so with that any orders I receive at today will be sent on Monday (this is also because of the fair tomorrow)

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