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Hello all to a special Cherry Post
Usually the cherry post is me talking about what Bonfirecherry has been up to the past 7 days but as I was away at Disneyland Paris last week and been preparing for my first christmas fair on Saturday (tomorrow when this blog post is published) I decided to do Cherry Post No.42 and 43 together.

Wk42 - Magic
I have already been to Disneyland Paris once this year back in February for the weekend with my brother, but we decided we liked it that much we would go back for a week this time with a day planned in Paris (read the blog post about the last visit here). From Northampton (where I live) it's only an hours drive to London to get the Eurostar so that's the way we traveled this time, I've traveled to London many times there is just something about the city I love about it but not sure what.


Went on a train around some of the park #BConholiday

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Anyway back to the trip, we arrived at the train station next to the park around 2pm and went straight into the park itself (there is a service called Disney Express where they take our bags between the train station and your hotel so you don't have to) it was a bit wet but that didn't stop us from having fun. Last time we were at the park they were finishing work on a train that goes around the area so we decided to go on as it was the first thing we came to and enjoyed where it took us. The best word to describe this week has been the word Lucky as we have had good luck every now and then during the week such as it ws quiet in certain areas like the Haunted Mansion (Phantom Manor as it's actually called but due to the film I like to call it by it's other name) where we could go upto the house to wait to go in without a massive line.


Pic with Jessie #BConholiday

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People who know me well, know I am a big kid at heart so of course got my pictures with different Disney characters such as Jessie who were first saw off the train).


From the Bonfire + Firework display at Disneyland Paris during #bconholiday (only a minute of a 15 min display)

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As we were coming to the resort between Halloween, Bonfire Night & Christmas there was a mixture of different things around the park for them such as on the first night after the Disney Parade located at Lake Disney (where all the expensive hotels minus the main Disney hotel which is next to the park can be found) was the final 2016 showing of the Bonfire + Firework display which was amazing!


From #BConHoliday Empty Park Entrance

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We were lucky on the next day in the morning waiting for the gates to open to go to the park as we got there early (For those who don't know about the area there is a Disney Village shopping/restaurant area, the studio & the park itself with the other hotels minus the one everyone sees located a few minutes away) and got mistaken for cast members (staff) so managed to get in front of the hotel before everyone else but couldn't go into as the gates weren't open for another hour or so, as the video show above it's very unusual to see it so quiet as it's busy the rest of the time.


When you get to places early (there was about 8 people behind me) #BConholiday

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The studio next to the park often opens first so we decided to visit there which were lucky again as it dead in certain areas such as where the toy story rides were so got onto them under five minutes. After that we waited for awhile for more rides to open and went on as many as we could before the lines get too long that we would end up in them for hours. Every night on Main Street (the road that leads upto the castle in the park) they do a parade and not long after they light up the castle with holograms and fireworks so we decided to stay in the park longer that evening to see them (we did see the parade the day before the bonfire display too) which was cool and seeing everywhere else light up was even cooler.


And.. Tigger #BConholiday

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On Wednesday we mainly done some of the same rides again before doing some shopping where I bought gifts and treats such as a new figure to put on my book case where I keep others I have and food for our trip to Paris where we were planning on doing the day after. There is often very big lines to have a photo with the Disney characters that are around the park so that evening we went a restaurant called Cafe Mickey where we had dinner and pics with Goofy, Eeyore, Tigger, Pluto and Mickey Mouse which was amazing (what i did like about the place they made sure to visit all the tables so no one ever missed out getting a picture of them).


Arc De Triomphe selfie #BConholiday

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When we were planning on coming back to Disneyland Paris after our trip in February I made sure if the tickets were at a good price etc we would visit Paris and on Thursday we did just that as the tickets cost €17 and it was only an hour on the train. The first place we came to after arriving in Paris was the Arc De Triomphe which was a cool sight to see coming out of the nearby train station.


Time to go up 👆 #BConholiday

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Up one level #BConholiday

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How about the top? #BConholiday

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That's a long way down! #BConholiday

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After a few selfies our next target was the Eiffel Tower which we could see not far away but found out we were going around in circles around the Arc De Triomphe before deciding to go down one of the side streets and we were getting closer and closer to one of the wonders of the world. The last time I saw the Eiffel tower was back when I was back with either my upper or middle school around 2000 where it was busy and everyone who I know who has visited the tower since has said the same thing so it was a surprise (maybe because it was about 9am on a Thursday not on a school holiday) the tower was quiet so we decided to use this to our advantage and after finding out that it only cost €14 to go to the very top (Well it was €17 for adults and €14 for 21-24's which was cool especially as I am 26). If I recall there is 3 levels that the lifts in the tower goes (1st, 2nd and 3rd which is the very top) and we first traveled to the 2nd which I was high enough but was proven wrong going to the 3rd which was very high and very interesting to see Paris was from that view. I want to do some Paris inspired prints for Jan 2017, currently I am not planning on producing any new designs or anything til the new years.


The Louvre #BConholiday

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From the top of the tower we saw our next destination, the lourve. I love art so the museum was a must to have while I was in Paris, from the top of the tower it didn't seem that far.... it took at least 50 minutes to walk which I would moan about but as I'm trying to lose my belly it was worth the walk as it was good to see paris while walking alongside the river.


I feel small standing to Woody, last day at Disneyland Paris tomorrow! #BConholiday

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I did want to go inside but as I was traveling with someone who hate art I have to put that visit to another time. Still enjoyed my first to the museum as I was loving seeing it in person and of course take selfies with it. I did want to go to one more destination Notre Dame but as we got into Paris around 9am and it was around 1pm we decided we done more than enough that decided to hunt for a train station (which was a challenge but had an impress looking shopping centre/train station) to take us back to Disneyland Paris.
On the final day we only went on a few rides and pictures with more Disney (such as Woody above) before heading off to the train station to kill a few hours for the euro star back to good old England and a good bed (forgot to say we stayed a 2 star Cars inspired hotel which you can get to by a shuttle bus near the park or about a five minute walk which we did sometimes).
That's the holiday section or wk 42 (last week) finished off please comment below on anything you have to say about my trip, lets move back into what crafty Bonfirecherry has been upto this week!


 Wk43 - Craft

Before I went away I decided to give this website a brand new look but held off til after I came back (last week) because there was a lot of tweaking to do behind the scenes, what do you think? (please comment below on your thoughts on the layout as I would love to hear your thoughts). The only thing I haven't managed to sort out is the currency converter at the top of the page but sometimes things don't work out the way you want it hey?


Managed to borrow something to put the leaflets I produced recently for fairs in

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I'm doing my first Christmas craft fair tomorrow so the days after I came back I've been working on making sure I've got everything ready. Because of the big event I done earlier this week, a lot of the products were ready to be sold I only had to mount the recent designs I produced. I recently published a new banner with updated info etc which i am excited to show off tomorrow, along with the new banner I fair few weeks ago I produced some flyers to hand out at fairs regarding custom work (which I mention on the banner too, if you see the cherry post no.37 I talk more about the flyers there) which will be on the stall with everything else Of course keep eye on the Bonfirecherry twitter/facebook/instagram tomorrow to know how the event goes.


The only thing I haven't been able to produce more of recently has been the Yonko Messenger t-shirts so I have to take them off sale at during the events I'm doing this year, no other items will be effected, see the fair dates on the front page.

From 10pm BST tonight (from the day this post is published) there will be a One Day Sale here at on selected products, you can find all the details about the sale here.

Before I finish this long post I thought I talk about Wednesday evening when I managed to visit a great small business in Northampton called Bread & Pullet (who were also one of the winners in the Muddy Stilettos 2016 awards) for dinner with a friend. I've never been to a tapas place before but I love food and trying new things so was looking forward to visiting (originally planned to visit weeks ago but due to things I couldn't go).

I was spoiled for choice as there was a lot to choose from, I wish I could try them all but I'm not that greedy haha Took some pics of what I decided to go have, I finished it off with a yummy Bread & Pullet Chocolate Rice Krispie & Caramel Sundae which was very nice (sadly not pictured)

I highly recommend this place if you love trying new things, love supporting small businesses & looking for something dinner with a good atmosphere.

I think that wraps up this weeks double cherry post, if you have read all of this blog post I would like to say a huge thank you :)

If you got any suggestions on what to do or talk about please comment below

Thanks for reading



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