The Cherry Post No.41 | Future Plans Part 2

Hello all to this week’s cherry post

I’ve kind of wanted to continue talking about 2017 as I did at the start of last week’s post ,so this cherry post could be classed as a part 2 of last weeks as I’ve haven’t done a lot of printing this week due to I am away from next Monday for a few days.

Ideas I had last week have changed as I've learnt that I need to sacrifice somethings to make sure Bonfirecherry goes in a direction that will make it greater than it is now. Currently I run Bonfirecherry by myself from producing the design to gift wrapping it when a customer places an order, just ideas and nothing is confirmed but with the direction I'm going with I need a team with other creative people. A team sounds great but at the same time, I know this will sound weird but makes me unsure at the same time as Bonfirecherry has been part of me for the past 3 years and I like to have control over everything related to it but people I have in mind for this team one of them is friends to me already who knows how creative I am who I trust completely. 

Just wanted to get these plans off my mind, as said before none of this is official just ideas possibly none of this will happen in 2017 currently everything I've got planned in scribbled down in one of my many notebooks I've gained over the year (I've got a bit of a collection) and secret boards over at the Bonfirecherry Pinterest.

Now I've got that off my mind, I probably won't go into these plans for 2017 again til (if) they happen.

Moving on


Camera No.2 (Black) Printed Badge

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People who have known me for awhile know I use Vine a lot for when it comes to Bonfirecherry. So it was sad to find out that Twitter will be stopping Vine soon so this week I re-done a lot of the videos I had at with Instagram videos instead, what do you think about the change?

I confess at the start of the week I didn't plan at all to do any print work at all but with Bonfire Night tomorrow I decided to pre-print the bonfire inspired design I produced a few weeks ago which should be on sale today (I won't be sending the posters offf til Monday 14th November). What do you think?

As it's Bonfire Night tomorrow, I ran a poll over at the Bonfirecherry twitter if I should throw some cherries on the bonfire this year (for a laugh) and yes was the popular vote so I made sure to purchase some cherries before going to bonfire night tomorrow, of course expect some videos of me doing it.

I was going to talk about more business cards arriving this week that I ordered a few days ago but a last minute surprise to the week was the arrival the new fair banner I ordered a few days ago (the previous one I've been using is a bit out of date and got damaged). I wasn't expecting it til next Monday when I'm away so was a surprise to open it when I got home yesterday, a few people noticed a spelling mistake (stationery instead of stationary) which I can easily fix by the next event (15 days from the day this blog post is published) but part from that I love it.

As I am going away on Monday, instead of closing the shop at for 5 days I decided on Sunday I will put all the products (even the poster above) on pre-order so any orders I do get, I can sort them out next Saturday (day after I come back) instead.

Regarding next weeks Cherry Post, I haven't fully decided to what to do as I be away in france for a few days so wouldn't be talking a lot about print work. Should I still do next weeks post and just talk about the trip or wait 2 weeks and do no.42 and no.43 together (it be about the trip and about prep work for the fair i've got on 19th November)? Please comment below

Thanks very much for reading!


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