The Cherry Post No.40 | Future Plans

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

This week has been a lot more relaxed than the previous one but doesn’t mean it was a boring one!

I know it’s still 2016 but the past few weeks I have been thinking about 2017, I’ve had an idea for the past few months to take Bonfirecherry to the “next level” aka make it a business I can do full time and not alongside a retail job which I currently do. I’ve been busy with many projects this year that I’ve only had time to think about plans til now for the new year. Of course I won't go into those plans at the moment as they are just ideas & just have to wait and see next year. Usually I am open on what I am going to do with Bonfirecherry but with this development I be keeping this secret with the occasional hint.

Moving on, I decided to give the print shed a tidy up after well I believe it's been a fair few months since the last time I gave it a clean + removed all the small pieces of lino I had all over the table and floor..I'm a messy person you see haha

As a small business, feedback from customers always makes me happy (hey I've even got a page decided to it as found here) and this week I received a tweet and instagram post from 2 customers which really made me smile which you can see above.

I might have something planned to release next week eg possibly the Bonfire inspired design (the lino for the design is in the picture) but as I'm going away for a week to Disneyland Paris on Monday 5th and events nearly every weekend after I'm slowly decreasing which print work I am going to do. Speaking of dates I released a blog post during the week of all the important dates for Bonfirecherry eg the dates when I'm away (where I put all products on pre-order while I'm away instead of closing the shop) to the last day in December I be accepting commissions etc, while I'm writing this I've remembered that I need to add when I be having my christmas break and when I plan on starting print work again in 2017. You can find the post I'm talking about here

Next week's Cherry Post (No.41) will be published on Friday as normal, it only be the week after (no.42) while I'm away I will publish it on Saturday instead or depending how the week goes and skip a week and do no.42 & 43 together..just have to wait and see.

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