The Cherry Post No.39 | Trains, #BonfireGiveaway + New Designs

Hello all to this week’s cherry post.

It’s been a busy few days so let’s start from where I finished off last week’s post.

On Saturday, I went on a trip on an old fashion steam train from Northampton (well had to travel to Rugby to get the train) to Carlisle. I believe this is my third time going on an old fashion steam train journey traveling to different places such as Canterbury, there is something about the decor of the carriages, the food we get served (there is Standard Class, First Class and then Premier Class where you get breakfast/lunch/dinner which we were in) and the views!

Check out some of the photos I took below, I will upload the rest onto the Bonfirecherry Instagram.


Maybe not this year but early 2017 I might produce some prints inspired by the journeys as I do have a lot of pictures from them. Would this make a good project? Please comment below as I would love to hear your opinion on this.

Moving onto something Bonfirecherry related, the day after the train trip I hosted my first ever giveaway #BonfireGiveaway over at the official Bonfirecherry twitter. I’ve been spreading the word of the giveaway for the past few weeks while asking some advice for some other small businesses who often do giveaways which was fun to learn some tips. Overall the giveaway (which I ran on Sunday 7am to 7pm) went very well I had a good number of people taking part to win a FREE custom linocut print, I gave everyone who took part a number and determined the winner using a random number generator app that I had on my phone, check out the giveaway posts/tweets on Facebook/twitter to see who the winner was. I’ve learnt a lot from this giveaway that I might run another one around Christmas/New year’s but I will need to give that a think.

Mentioned last week I have made a small change to some selected items at, I have change the name of all printed brooches to badges to make the products more unisex as they can be worn by anyone.

This week I worked on the 2016 version of the Cherry Cherry Christmas tote bag design which I originally produced back in 2014. I like the design a lot but thought I change it a tiny bit, the time this blog post is published the tote bag design should be available to pre-order.

Yesterday I finally put a selection of products on pre-order which I have been promising for a few months (well early August).. *drum roll* printed bracelets & necklaces! I won't go into the many reasons why it's taken nearly 3 months to become available at but you can now pre-order, there are only a few of the products available as I've only been experimenting with bracelets & necklaces. Huge thanks to Photo keeper for photographing the bracelets/necklaces for me

I’ve been working on both Halloween + Christmas designs for the past few weeks that I am forgetting a date which I’ve been forgetting about... Bonfire night aka the time of the year where Bonfire Cherry got half its name from. I’ve had a bonfire night inspired design in mind for at least the past year so I though instead of a print/bag/badge/t-shirt I would do something different I decided to print a poster. The design shown above turned out great, I just need to find the right material for it before I can put it on sale, what do you think of the design?

I know it’s half way through October and I have been very busy producing a lot Halloween + Christmas designs. The reason why I’m doing a lot of my new themed design now then next month is because November is going to be a very busy as I’m away to Disneyland Paris between 7th – 11th November then got craft fairs the weekends after so won’t have a lot of time to produce new products etc, I will talk more about the holiday when I am away and possibly the cherry post being published on Saturday that week instead of Friday in a future blog post.

Speaking of fairs, the rest of the week I’ve looked how the Bonfirecherry stall looked at previous events (as shown above) and considering what changes I can do to improve the look next month (next event is November 19th) especially with new products I've produced recently such as t-shirts. Next month i am looking forward to ordering a new banner as I've needed to updated some of the information on there among other things.

I think that's everything for this weeks post, thank you very much for reading!


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Hi just wondering if some height or a display tree for your badges would be good. The products are lovely and table very neat but wonder if people can see all the goodies as well as they might?

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