The Cherry Post No.38 | Candy Canes & Telephones

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post.

It was a slow start to the week as I had such a lucky weekend I dropped + broke my phone, lost my bus pass and then slipped down the stairs (the last 2 thankfully) and bruised my back so that halted some print work for the first half the week (believe it or not but it’s the second time this year I have slipped down the stairs after missing the last 2 steps last time it was my foot, this time bruised my back).

That bit of personal stuff showing how accident prone I am, let’s move onto something about Bonfirecherry hey?

Last Friday I dropped off a framed print of All Saints (Aubergine) at Plump Partridge (the café is around the corner of All Saints Church which the print is based on so couldn’t think of a better print to choose for the wonderful small business) where they sent me a picture of it hanging up which made me smile.

Most of the week I spent spread the word of the #BonfireGiveaway which is on this Sunday as it’s my first giveaway run by myself so making sure a lot of people don’t miss out on winning a FREE custom linocut print from Bonfirecherry, find out all the examples of the giveaway here and examples of custom work here

I produced more of the Christmas brooches this week alongside a brooch design i did make just for the big vintage festival earlier this year but due to some things I changed it around and the colour of it but part from that both brooches should be available to pre-order by the end of today (Friday).

As a small business, it's always good and helpful to know other small businesses and through them in the past year or so I've heard a lot of the Northampton based businesses mention the Cheyne Walk Club which is a privates members club which is a popular networking venue for Northampton business for over 85 years, So it a honour to get a invitation to have a look around, so I got my favourite shirt with cherries on with a suit jacket & trousers and went around on Wednesday evening. It may not look interesting on the outside, it is very nice and amazing inside it's a shame I didn't take any pictures you just have to take my word for it haha 

Last night over the Bonfirecherry twitter I ran a small poll regarding the "brooches" I have at I am debating of changing the name to Badges as Brooches is a term used for women while Badges can be used for all genders. I will give this subject a think and I will decide on this change in November.

Speaking of change, to appear more professional I have made a small change to what you will receive from Bonfirecherry if you order a print, printed bag or notebook. Part from the sales receipt you will see a big Camera No.2 designed envelope along wit other items you can see above. I won't go into detail of this just yet as there is a few more things I want to do. 

Tomorrow I'm on a train trip to Carlisle on a day out on a old fashion steam train, it be the third time going there on the train it's really fun as you can see tons of amazing views while having food in a wonderful styled train carriage. Keep eye on my twitter & Facebook tomorrow for all the details

Thanks for reading, please comment below on your opinions regarding the brooches/badges & the changes on what you will receive from Bonfirecherry if you order an item as I would love to hear them.


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