The Cherry Post No.37 | October Goals

Hello all to this week’s cherry post

As we are now in Autumn I thought I go into what Bonfirecherry has done for the beginning of October and briefly tease what I have planned for the rest of the season and winter.

I started off the week by ordering a lot material that I needed to produce a lot of Bonfirecherry Christmas/Halloween themed products such as the new notebooks design which are now available to order at (as shown above)

During the weekend at I decided to do a surprise One Day Sale where for 24 hours I had a lot of great offers on a lot of the prints, bags, brooches + t-shirts. It went well, I might do another one in November but too early to say.

After a few weeks since my last visit I got around to visiting Magee St Bakery to swap over the framed prints I put in there a few months ago, swapped Camera No.2 (Black) + Turn it Up (Black) to Just Bear With Me (Black + Brown) + Typewriter (Black + Yellow) A4 Linocut Print so they stood out a lot more.

Today I will be visiting Plump Partridge to have a drink and drop off a framed print of All Saints (Aubergine as shown above, yes I know the frame is huge but hey it will get noticed ;)) as the café is about 5 minutes away from the church so thought it the idea print to choose, I will take a picture of the print when it is up at the café. The All Saints print is inspired by the church in Northampton, I am planning on producing more Northampton & buildings inspired prints early November.

I have had a very productive week a part from the notebooks as mentioned at the start of the post, I have produced starting printing the Christmas tote bag design which I have been using the previous two years as the design has always been popular so haven’t had the reason to change it. It’s 43 days til the next event Bonfirecherry will be appearing at, to be more professional I’ve decided to print my own flyers with the motto that I use on the custom page (found here) with all the information regarding custom work for people to take when they look at the stall, I have since made some changes to the back as i had some mistakes but really happy on how the flyers turned out.

I did produce the Christmas brooch design too yesterday but there is a few things I want to change before I make it available as I want to make it perfect. On the topic of jewellery, I plan on having the printed bracelets + necklaces available next week but it be very limited stock as they are very experimental as you will next week.

There is a Halloween themed brooch planned which I want to focus on producing next week. 

As it's autumn, when I get the time I want to produce a print inspired by the season as there is a lot you can get for inspiration. Only a idea I've thought of writing this post but it be something different, you know what they say it's good to be different as normal is overrated.

Don’t forget it’s 9 days til #BonfireGiveaway where I will be giving away a FREE custom print. Found out all the details here

If you got any comments on anything I have talked about or any suggestions for a blog post please comment below

Thanks for reading this week’s post




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