The Cherry Post No.36 | Well This Is Awkward...

Hello all to this week's Cherry Post.

This week’s post is going to go by a different format than how the previous ones have gone. Usually I go on what Bonfirecherry has been up to the past 7 days but this week I have only got up to one project (well 2 but the 2nd project I can't show til October), I've got everything else planned next week so I go into what I've been up to and then go into the plans for next week.

Recently during the weekend, I have visiting The Plump Partridge a lot more I love the pizzas they have on offer. On Saturday for lunch I had the James & The Giant Peach pizza, which I think was good timing as it was Roald Dahl day at work. I highly recommend the business on the pizzas and friendly staff alone, of course I am a bit biased because I produced some items for them but I still like supporting small businesses and it is better than going to McDonalds, I confess I honestly rarely have fast food I only really have it like once or twice a year and only when I’m with someone.

The day this post will be published (Friday) I will be ordering a lot of materials for a lot of Bonfirecherry’s Halloween & Christmas projects (see previous post about upcoming projects for October/November) so this week I only focused on carving new notebook designs which you will be seeing next week at

Because I’ve got a lot projects planned, materials to order and money to save for my holiday in in a few months’ time, I have to put custom t-shirts on hold til November which I don’t want to but my hands are tied, I can still produce custom prints/tote bags/brooches + notebooks.

Going on from custom work, be sure to check out the blog post I be publishing tomorrow with all the details of the #BonfireGiveaway which will be happening on Sunday 16th October.

Be sure to read next week’s post where I hope to be showing off some of Bonfirecherry’s Halloween & Christmas themed designs!

Before I forget, during October/November also I will looking improving how I gift wrap orders too.

Thanks for reading


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