The Cherry Post No.35 | Pumpkins & Candy Canes

The Cherry Post No.35 | Pumpkins & Candy Canes

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

Going on from last week’s post, the photo shoot for the Yonko’s Messenger (Black) Handprinted T-shirts went very well last Friday. I did have some fun trying to find some models for the t-shirts but old school friend Daniel and his friend was able to help at the last moment, there was 2 places I had in mind for the shoot which was a cricket ground and the other was the Greek church that was used for the photo shoot for when Bonfirecherry was a part of a college project 6 years ago. I think it was just destiny to use the church again as the only afternoon the cricket ground gets used was the afternoon we had the shoot!

I like to believe the shoot went very well at the church, it’s funny that the church hasn’t changed much in 6 years’ part from a change of paint! The t-shirts have been on pre-order all week and I plan on having the t-shirts available to order by tomorrow (Saturday 24th)

The rest of the week I have been working on Halloween & Christmas designs. By the time this blog post has been published I have only got some themed brooches & notebooks designs carved into lino, by early October I planning on having these produced (I will go more into this in a future blog post)

  • Halloween themed A3 or A4 Posters or Prints
  • Halloween & Christmas Themed Notebooks
  • Halloween & Christmas Themed Brooches
  • Christmas Themed Tote Bag

Speaking of Christmas, I have added two events that Bonfirecherry shall be appearing at late November, there might be a possible third event in December but won’t be confirm this til closer to the time.

I had another visit to Magee Street Bakery this week and finally got around to trying their popular scotch eggs that they are only do on Sundays! This week they had green eggs + ham inspired ones, super yummy! 

I gave the studio a tidy up this week so one of my bookcases now holds all the notebooks & prints which I normally sell at events so I know where they are and I can add onto them with the new designs I have planned.

I have been a bit quiet on the printed bracelets + necklaces that I produced last month, currently they are with a good friend of me who runs a great small business who will be photographing them for me as I’ve been having problems doing so myself so they will be coming to early October!

As the length of this blog post, gives away I haven’t done much part from t-shirts and Halloween/Christmas designs but hope to have a lot to talk about next week such as the #BonfireGiveaway

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