The Cherry Post No.34 | What Took So Long?

Hello you wonderful people to this week’s Cherry Post.

For a week off (from retail work) I have been out a lot and been doing a lot. I started the week visiting The Magic Bean Emporium whom commissioned me to produce some magical t-shirts which I will talk about when they do the same, while I was there I did have a lovely white chocolate milkshake among the other flavours and sundaes they have got on offer that I highly recommend.

I made another visit to Magee Street Bakery this week to meet up with a client and old friend who has amazing photography skills to whom I’ve been chatting to for years. while I was there I had my usual hot chocolate and rosemary pork & apple roll, what I do love about the bakery is the marshmallows that come with it as they often change the flavour of it such as before it was a hot chocolate flavour marshmallow while this time it was salted caramel, it was so nice!

I also met up with my wonderful friend Photo Keeper whom is always nice to meet and have a chat with. I met up with her to ask her for help with some upcoming products which I have decided not to say at this time but you will like what will come out if.

Moving on from the meet ups, this week I have produced something that I have been wanting to produce for quite some time… Bonfirecherry t-shirts!

It’s been 6 years since I produced some (non-custom) t-shirts for Bonfirecherry, difference was in 2010 the design was screen printed & Bonfirecherry was a fictional business as part of a college project and now the design is linocut printed and Bonfirecherry is a proper business. Oh how things change in a few years?

On Wednesday evening, Bonfirecherry done a live-stream via the app Periscope over the Bonfirecherry twitter to reveal the t-shirts designs. It was an idea I thought of a few days before which was popular with my followers when I ran a poll regarding it. You are able to find the 30 minute live-stream here  

The day this post is published (Friday) I will be doing a photo shoot (as the same location I had the photo shoot for the Bonfirecherry t-shirts in 2010) with some friends to show off the t-shirts which I will add to this afternoon so customers can pre-order. Any pre-orders will be on Friday 23rd September.

This week, when I wasn't busy with meet ups and with the t-shirts I finally got around to doing some research into feminine & christmas designs which I should be producing early October time.

Please comment below on the t-shirt designs as I would love to hear your comments

Thanks for reading



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