The Cherry Post No.33 | #BonfireGiveaway

The Cherry Post No.33 | #BonfireGiveaway

Hello all to this weeks Cherry Post

In last weeks post I talked about some beer I bought from Beer Guerrilla for a Hawaiian themed BBQ with friends which turned into a Hawaiian themed games evening (the logo game, cards against humanity etc) with friends due to the weather on Saturday was not good otherwise I wanted very soggy burgers. I only tried a few during the evening such as Yestie Boys which turned out my favourite, there was only 2 out of the lot I bought that I didn't like.

Later on in the week I met up with an old friend & client Photo Keeper at my watering hole aka Magee St Bakery ( I swear I might see I can buy shares in the place or something haha) to chat business and personal stuff which I liked and the bakery was quiet (which was rare) which was a good time to have a long chat about things.

Yesterday I finished off a Harry Potter inspired custom project for a client which I've been working on during the week which was fun to make + got a lot of positive feedback from followers/fan from Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, I am looking forward to doing the final touches and giving it to the client.

Now I've got talked about everything I have been up to the past 7 days , I thought I talk about #BonfireGiveaway aka a giveaway I have planned next month as I've never done one by myself before (I've done 2 in the past with other businesses). So to decide what the giveaway is going to be I decided to do a poll over the Bonfirecherry twitter where I have the biggest following (currently 16.5k) to let my customers/followers decide on the price, in the poll I have got

  • 1 Off Gold Camera Brooch
  • 1 Off Golden Camera Tote
  • Free A4 Print
  • Free custom print
At the time I am writing this post a free custom print is currently ahead, the poll will have finished by the end of today (Friday) so it will likely be the winner. I thought I get help with what the item I'm giving away is before I do all the research into what to do such as a not so much used hashtag such as #BonfireGiveaway (originally wanted to use #BCGiveaway but another business used one recently so didn't want to use it & #BonfireCherryGiveaway seemed to long) to help spread the word. If you got any advice on doing giveaways via social media please contact me in the comments below or from the contact please as it would mean a lot :)
Before I forget, the next event Bonfirecherry will be appearing at is the Christmas Fair at Abington Park Museum, 26th November 2016!
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