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Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

After a few weeks off (due to the event I’ve been mentioning for weeks which I want to forget but also have put it down to a lesson) I am back to doing custom work again. I love doing custom work but due to the big event I done recently all my time and funds went into that so my hands were tied. Anyway I am now working on two exciting custom projects for 2 small business clients who I chat to quite a lot so it’s been great to do something with them, while I can’t say what they are going to be but when I have got around to printing the designs you guys will love them!

Going on from custom work, last Saturday I did visit a great small business called Beer Guerrilla which I have been planning to visit last month but couldn't get around to it. This weekend I have got a BBQ planned with friends so I thought it be good to review it with friends and then share it either on a blog post or via my social sites such as twitter/facebook/Instagram. Yes I mainly bought these on the look of the bottles/cans because I am a sucker for design haha

After the visit to Beer Guerrilla, for lunch I popped into The Plump Partridge to have a lovely freshly made pizza where I had the lovely flavour called Pop-Eye (comment below which your favourite flavour is). It really did make me smile while I was there was the staff were wearing the t-shirts I produced for them which made me so happy that I made them and the staff liking them.

On Wednesday I had a small day trip down to Portsmouth, while I was down there enjoying some lovely fish and chips near the sea (looking out to Isle of Wight) and taking pictures it got me thinking about the Coastal Project which I originally planned to do this year but due to things I am pushing the project to early 2017 instead. Don’t know about the Coastal Project? Read the post about it here.

As a crafter you have to think things early so products are produced and ready for sales at a certain time. I have been thinking I need to start to think of Christmas designs now as I only produced a tote bag design last year so I want to see what I can think of this year. So far I am thinking of a t-shirt, tote bag or brooch design of a Christmas tree etc but if you got any suggestions on what I could do please comment below it will mean a lot.

Today I will be booking a Christmas event for the end of the November at a location I do love to show off my items at, I will add the event onto the front of when it’s been confirmed etc.

Alongside producing christmas inspired designs, after checking out the target audience for Bonfirecherry and many suggestions I will get around to working on more "feminine" inspired designs for prints/totes/brooches/notebooks etc

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What about candy cane brooches for Christmas? :)

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