The Cherry Post No.31 | Atomic Vintage Festival & What's Next?

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

Last weekend I attended the Atomic Vintage Festival, as many previous blog posts gave away it’s an event I have been looking forward to doing for the past few months as it’s Bonfirecherry’s first event.


The event was an experience with how I show off my stock, I had a big gazebo (which was on it’s very last legs to use instead of a 6ft table that I usually have at smaller fairs. I made sure to have the Muddy Stilettos award on show and to mention that I done custom work. Please comment on what do you think of the layout

Isn’t much to say about Saturday, weather was very bad due to rain & powerful wind so that didn’t attract a lot of people. Sunday had a lot more people but a lot of them didn’t want to buy anything, a lot more interested in the music and vintage vehicles.The gazebo I used was on it's last legs that it took a battering over the weekend with the powerful wind (well I was on a airfield) as you can see above, that I threw it away at the end of Sunday.

I’m just going to finish off talking about the festival by saying that the event just wasn’t for Bonfirecherry.

Anyway, moving on I thought for the rest of the post talking new changes to Bonfirecherry and what I have planned next for Bonfirecherry.

A small but cool change to this week was to add a pre-order option to a selection of sold out items which will be back in stock today (Friday)! I have added pre-orders to the police page which you can find here.

I have mentioned a few times about t-shirts, I have been really busy with custom t-shirts with more going to be produced at the start of September that I plan on having printed t-shirts available by November as I have got a design planned but just haven’t had the time yet.

This Saturday after meeting a potential client for another business commission (Custom work returns September 1st) I will be photographing a lot of the new products that I produced a while for the event mentioned above that didn’t get sold. I hope to have the new products such as linocut bracelets (shown above) & necklaces available here at by the end of next week. Be sure to keep checking the Bonfirecherry twitter/facebook/Instagram accounts to know when they are available!

I think that’s all I can think of talking about in this week’s Cherry Post



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