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Hello this weeks Cherry Post

In last week’s post I mentioned that on Friday I was planning on seeing Anna-Lou from Muddy Stilettos Northants (lady behind the Northampton based blog whom I won the award from as shown on the home page) at a bakery I love to visit, you know which one I am talk about ;) Magee St Bakery!

I find the place quite amazing to be honest as the bakery is a hidden gem but due to social networking + word of mouth the place is nearly always busy and it hasn’t been so long since the bakery opened (18 months I believe). For that reason alone, I thought it be a great place to suggest to meet up with Anna-Lou at, the last time I met up with her was at the Muddy Stilettos Northants award a while ago so it was great to meet up again.

Normally when I visit the bakery I have a hot chocolate but felt like it was too hot so went for a cold drink with a funky label on (I am a sucker for designs on bottles + cans). I had ended up having hot chocolate in a form I never thought I have… hot chocolate flavoured marshmallows!

They taste as good as they look!

The rest of Friday was very productive as I decided to give myself a Bonfirecherry stocktake regarding all the items I have produced for the Atomic Vintage Festival, it took roughly about 2 and a half hours to count everything but done so i know how much of everything I've got and know what gets sold etc.

On Sunday I have a productive day setting up the gazebo where I for a few hours debating on how many tables I wanted, how I wanted the tables laid out and how I wanted on my stock displayed etc. About 3 hours later I finally got a layout I was happy with and would attract people into the Bonfirecherry gazebo (I am going to be calling that for future reference).

One of the things we thought of on Sunday was how to attract people into the gazebo as it’s simple enough to have a wonderful layout inside but on the outside people walking past will have no idea if it’s plain so won’t be interested in going in, so between Monday and Tuesday with the help of my mum we made some Bonfirecherry bunting to on the outside and decided on hanging some tote bags along with the logo + what Bonfirecherry does etc.

At events I always have a folder next to my items where I talk about Bonfirecherry, custom work and customer feedback etc. I decided to update it this week which didn’t take me long to do, in the gazebo along with all the items on sale I will be showing off custom items I produced for Magee St Bakery & Plump Partridge so while updating the folder I made sure to do a few pages about them and the wonderful feedback they gave me. I go by the motto "If someone respects you, always respect them back" so I made sure to do my bit to mention them.

I did sneak in two extra visits to the bakery in the past 7 days as while ago I mentioned to my grand parents about the place so on Wednesday we went there for a drink and something to nibble

I did get some cool feedback from Plump Partridge, check out there twitter & instagram feeds to see the video :)

Between Thursday afternoon & Friday I finally had time to chill for a while which was fun as I don’t want to get myself overworked about the festival because I am the type of person to overthink a lot. The day this post is published (Friday) in the afternoon I will be partly setting up my gazebo at the festival which I am doing in 2 parts, gazebo this afternoon + then stock and everything else early tomorrow morning. Saturday is going to be a long day as I am going to be there for 12 hours.

So because of how long I am at the festival, there won’t be any orders sent on Saturday, any orders I receive after Friday afternoon will be sorted out Monday afternoon. I will be adding to the orders and product pages alongside tweeting and posting about it on facebook + twitter.

Of course I will be tweeting/posting during the weekend (unless I am busy selling out of stock) so do keep your eyes on the Bonfirecherry twtter/facebook/Instagram with a blog post on how the weekend when posted (hopefully) Wednesday next week.

Thanks for reading!


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