The Cherry Post No.29 | A Week To Go!


Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

It’s been a very busy week so let’s start what happened at the start of the week!

On Monday I produced a cool linocut portrait print for a client which was fun to make as the last time I produced a print of someone and not an animal or object was late 2014/early 2015. Comment below on your thoughts on the print and is there anyone who you would like me to produce a print of?

To continue my trend of checking off local small businesses in Northampton on Tuesday I visited The Bread and Butter Factory for breakfast. This wonderful and yummy place was located next to the amazing and magical Magic Bean Emporium (who I did visit on Bonfirecherry business the day before which I currently can’t go into but is going to be fun when I can show it off) so the location of the business wasn’t hard for me to find.

I had a yummy breakfast and hot chocolate (I don’t like caffeine so I love hot chocolates) which filled me up before work, if you live in/around Northampton town be sure to check this place out if you are peckish.

The day this post will be published I will be meeting Anna-Lou from Muddy Stilettos (the Northampton based blog who gave me the Best Local Producer non-food/drink / creative award a while ago) at Magee St Bakery which I know should be fun and interesting, of course I will talk about that in next weeks post!

Forgot to mention regarding custom work I having a small break on ANY CUSTOM WORK TIL SEPTEMBER 1ST (originally only tote bags and t-shirts til August 22nd) due to financial reasons among other things.

If you have been checking out the previous Cherry Posts, the front page of + Bonfirecherry’s Twitter/Facebook you be aware that Bonfirecherry will be doing its first big event at the Atomic Vintage Festival next week! Last night (Thursday) I finally got around to producing everything for the event from prints to limited edition festival exclusive tote bags, all of it has taken me over 2 months or so to produce but so glad it’s finished.

In total I have produced

  • 130-ish notebooks
  • 172 A5 prints
  • 40 A4 Linocut Prints
  • 60 Brooches
  • 17 bracelets
  • 13 necklaces
  • 20 gift tags
  • 40 tote bags
  • 12 small printed cardboard bags

Between now and next week I will be focusing on sorting the wooden boxes & how to show off that Bonfirecherry can produce custom products. As the Cherry Post is published every Friday + next Friday afternoon I will be at the venue sorting things out it won’t be til the weeks after cherry post to talk about the event.

So overall it’s been a fun and very productive week, lets hope all the hard work I have put into everything pays off next weekend *fingers crossed*

Thanks for reading


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