The Cherry Post No.28 | Not Long Now

Hello all to this weeks Cherry Post

A lot of this week has been a mixture of sorting out the final pieces for the Atomic Vintage Festival, which from the today this post is publish is 15 days away now and been producing some custom products. 

At the start of the week, using a price gun I purchased awhile ago I went over all the printed brooches, bracelets, necklaces + gift tags so it looks more profession and putting them in smaller boxes as it didn't look good in the wooden crates the other items are in. As of today I have finished off printing off all the tote bags I need to produce for the event I just need to iron the labels inside them and that be it. The last remaining thing I need to do during the week and into next week is mount about 190 (yes, not a typo) A5 + A4 prints which you can tell by the number alone is going to take me awhile, when finished I should have over 220+ prints on offer at the event so there is a lot choices for customers!

When I haven't been busy with the event work above, I have been busy with commissions from drawing ideas for some portrait prints (I haven't produced a print of a person since 2014/2015 so this should be interesting) to producing more custom printed t-shirts as shown above with a custom tote bag which I be producing next week inspired by the Vampire Diaries which should be interesting.

During the weekend now I will start to mount all the prints I have produced for the festival. I wonder how long it will take me to mount/bag/price them all?

As a treat to myself I am going to the cinema with my friend Faye to see Suicide Squad which I have been looking forward to seeing so that's something to look forward to after the mounting tomorrow(Saturday).

Thank you very much for reading


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