The Cherry Post No.27 | The Countdown Has Begun

Hello all to this weeks Cherry Post!

Last week I attended a small craft fair, the last one before the Atomic Vintage Festival and it went ok with as you can see above the stall looked good as usual :)

Now all my focus now is straight onto finishing the remaining items for the festival which are now just the tote bags (which I am nearly finished with, shall be completed next week) and the mounting of the prints. By the time this post is published, it be 3 weeks til the festival so really I want all the print work finished off by the end of next week so the 2nd week I do some changes to information about custom work before the last week of just relaxing before the event...well that's the plan anyway.

Next week I shall be working on another exciting t-shirt commission which I am looking forward to. The time of me producing some non-custom Bonfirecherry t-shirts keep changing time frames, originally planned for Christmas then around this time but now it's back to be planned around Christmas again, of course I will blog more about t-shirts closer to the time.

A fair few times, people say I don't charge enough for my work so this week I decided to ask my twitter followers what I should do. As shown above, the popular vote was yes to putting my prices up. So at the beginning of August I will be increasing the prices of the prints + brooches (tote bags + notebooks have been changed a few times so won't be changed again), I will publish a blog post about this on Saturday as it's something important..

This week I finally got around to producing a tote bag design what's been in head for ages, which did take me awhile but happy how it turned out. Please comment below on your thoughts on the tote :)

I did plan to produce more Camera No.2 (Black) Large Handprinted totes (the final items to produce for the festival) but ran out of black ink during the last commission so just ordered more black ink what should get to me at the start of next week so I can have the tote bags finished off by Thursday at least..again that's the plan haha.

I think that's all for this week, thank you very much to everyone reading this.

Please comment below on anything I have mentioned in this blog and I will reply the best I can :)


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