The Cherry Post No.26 | Bonfirecherry vs The Heatwave

The Cherry Post No.26 | Bonfirecherry vs The Heatwave

Hello all to this weeks Cherry Post

It's been really hot this week hasn't it?

That hot that I haven't done any print work in the print shed which due to the heat has turned into a furnace so this week I have been doing a lot of work in the garden which has been different. 

Earlier in the day before I was doing print work in the garden, I visited Ground Craft Coffee a great small business I mentioned last week to have another great hot chocolate + something for breakfast while getting some approval on a few things from the person in charge who I am working with on this commission (shown below)

What I was producing during the past 2 very hot days this week is some CUSTOM T-SHIRTS!

As mentioned a few times, this is one of the most popular requested items people have asked Bonfirecherry since I started to produce the tote bags (from 2014 and knowing that Bonfirecherry was originally a fictional t-shirt business). At the time I am writing this I am finishing off the commission by ironing the logo inside them and today (Friday, the day this will be published) I will be dropping them off in person. On Saturday i will be producing a custom print for an old friend/client which I am looking forward to doing.

Downside to big commission mentioned above, I have ran out of black ink haha. Will have to order some more next week.

Aside from Ground Craft Coffee I finally got around to visiting Magee St Bakery (the bakery which I have produced custom tote bags for) after weeks of being busy on many things and the day I am free are the days they wasn't open so on Wednesday I decided to visit before work.

One of the things I did during my visit a part from having some lovely pork & apple rolls (highly recommended) is add the rosette thingy I won from Muddy Stilettos last month to one of my framed prints. There is only 2 places from the day this post is published (Friday 22nd) that you can get a framed Bonfirecherry print from and that's the two businesses mentioned above.

When I haven't been busy with any practical print work this week I have been working on the layout for the Atomic Vintage Festival next month (only 4 weekends to go and about 65% done).

By the end of August I plan to have the tote bags finished among with some printed pencil cases (which I be debuting at the festival and then at fairs/ after) and then two weeks in August I will mainly be focusing on mounted prints + A1 posters. A1 posters will be the thing that will take me awhile to produce as I want to do 2 very detailed designs, sadly the posters will be only available at events due to mainly postage being the issue.

After the festival I will be focusing on Christmas themed items and limited edition t-shirts.

To end the week off I visited The Plump Partridge for breakfast before work, this is somewhere I've always walked past for awhile now when I am around town either for work or day off but never got around to going in.

After visiting a lot of great small cafes & bakeries in Northampton the past 2 weeks, I wanted to make sure that I did not miss this place out.

I had a lovely strawberry & raspberry smoothie with some yummy + nice Mexican eggs which I confess I normally have chosen but following a suggestion from a fellow small business I decided to give it a try and it was really great. 

On my next visit I will so be trying the pizzas that's for sure!

This Sunday I will be at a small fair which is a venue that is special to Bonfirecherry as the last time I was there was in 2014 at my very first event so I am super looking forward to that, of course expect a blog post about how then went!

I think that's everything I can think of to talk about, anything I have missed out I will talk about in next weeks post.

If you got any suggestions what I should talk about in a upcoming blog posts or any questions do comment below.

Thanks for reading!


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