The Cherry Post No.25 | Back To The Roots Of The Bonfire

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The Cherry Post No.25 | Back To The Roots Of The Bonfire

Hello all to this weeks Cherry Post!

It's been a very productive + interesting week with a fair bit to talk about so I will start with what I did first and go on from there.

Last week around the time I wrote the Cherry Post I finished producing a lot of brooches, after I published it I spent nearly a whole day producing some limited edition Atomic Vintage Festival exclusive brooches + a lot of cool bracelets (some of which shown above) & necklaces which were fun to make. In total I have about 70 ish brooches, 17 bracelets + 13 necklaces. I will show them and everything else I produced for the festival at the start of August when I have finished making + sorting everything.

I did have some big sales on my A4 prints which really made me smile and sales like will always keep me motivated and help me order more materials to help produce more amazing unique products using linocut.

Currently at the moment Bonfirecherry can produce these using linocut

  • Prints
  • Bags
  • Brooches
  • Notebooks

By the end of 2016 I want to be able to produce

  • Prints
  • Bags
  • T-shirts
  • Brooches
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Gift Tags
  • Printed Pencil Cases
  • Posters

A lot of which I am producing for the Atomic Vintage Festival to see if they are popular before adding them to after.

You have noticed the mention of the t-shirts, along with the t-shirts blog posted before this. After about 2 years saying no to any I have decided as I am going to have a commission producing some custom printed t-shirts for a great small business that I will produce some for everyone else to!

Originally planned to produce some limited edition t-shirts around Christmas time but because of the recent commission I have to move that to to end of this month/beginning of August to see if they are popular before producing more. I will post more updates about this closer to the time.

Speaking of limited edition + the Atomic Vintage Festival I did produce yesterday a new tote bag design which I will sell exclusively at the event, what do you think of the design?

Alongside all the print work I did visit 2 great small businesses which I highly recommend checking out if you live in/around Northampton/Northamptonshire.


Ground Craft Coffee, just by the name along you know you should check the place out. Check out there facebook page here 

Also check out the Magic Bean Emporium, I've been hearing great things about this place for ages that I finally checked it out with my friend Faye before going to the cinema on my day off from (one of the few days that I wasn't busy with print work which usually happens). I completely loved it in there with the decor and well when it comes to what they have on offer, I let the picture above do the talking! Find out more about the great small business here 

Help support small local businesses like these :)

I think I will end the post here, as you can tell it's been an interesting week for Bonfirecherry. if you got any suggestions what to do a blog post about question about what I posted about in this cherry post do comment below :)

Thanks for reading!


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