The Cherry Post No.24 | Brooches & Other Items

Hello all to this weeks Cherry Post!

It's been another busy week at Bonfirecherry HQ as this week I have produced all of these wonderful printed brooches!

At the time I am writing this post I have produced 54 printed brooches for upcoming events, by the end of the week I plan to have around about 100+ printed brooches produced. I am planning on producing some bracelets + necklaces during the weekend which I will show off next week.

Earlier in the week before the brooches I did produce some printed gift tags which I will be selling at the upcoming events (see homepage of this site to see where I will be at), I did show them off via twitter & facebook but will show them when I have everything produced ready for the Atomic Vintage Festival.

Alongside all the work mentioned above, I did produce a cool custom print for a good friend/old client of another vintage radio which was great to make that I will be making some minor of changes + turning it into a brooch design. What do you think of the design? Comment below

Some changes I did to was link the website to Facebook Messenger so instead of clicking on the contact page (which you can still do), if you got a facebook account you can send a message to me via Facebook instead.

Another change regarding Facebook is at Bonfirecherry's Facebook Page I have added the shop to the page so you can shop for items there too. I do want to link the shop to my twitter account (the account I use the most) but currently not available outside the US but the website providers have said will be coming soon so that's good.

I think that's about everything for this week, I look forward to showing off the bracelets + necklaces next week!

Thank you very much for reading, please comment below if you got any suggestions what i can talk about in future blog posts etc.


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