The Cherry Post No.237 + 238 | It is the return of the awkward

Hello all to this double Cherry Post!
Well to be honest this is going to be a bit of an awkward post, which I will go into soon but let’s talk about the Bonfirecherry Clearance Sale!
I want to clear a lot of the current designs so the shop isn’t so crowded when I do new designs, so I’ve reduced everything to their lowest prices so please check them out by clicking on the banner at the top of the page.
I have had a few orders on Kanjuro, the raccoon inspired print which has been fun to produce and gift wrap with wrapping paper that I have printed on, which you can see in the post image 
I am finding this a lot better and more special for the customer than using plastic parcel bags that I was using before till now.
Now that is out of the way, let’s talk about the awkward I mentioned in the title and that is with the current situation has really affected my creativity as I really haven’t got a lot on my mind for the future. Of course, compare to other people in this situation this is small, which I do agree with as I can still work in my supermarket job so isn’t so bad for me.
The Bonfire Banter Podcast is on break as it is bad for my buddy at the moment despite all the episodes we got recorded and the creativity for Bonfirecherry is somewhere miles away.
What can I do?
Keep Calm and Carry On as the old saying goes. Again, I am very lucky as everything else is still the same for me it’s just anything creative on the back burner, I am going to start to carry a sketchbook with me so any ideas I do have on my mind, wherever it’s going to be (part from the shower of course) I can draw stuff down.
New designs will come soon and the Bonfire Banter Podcast will return when lockdown finishes (whenever that’s going to be)!
I think that is everything for this post, thanks for reading!

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