The Cherry Post No.236 | How the start of 2021 has been

Hello all to the first Cherry Post of 2021!
Before I go into what Bonfirecherry has been up as of late, let’s go into something important about the Bonfire Banter Podcast.
The podcast is something I have been co-hosting since 2018, like many people the podcast have been struggling in the current situation that we have to put the BBP on break til lockdown ends whenever that’s going to be.
Mainly because Dene is the editor and normally, he works in retail but as it doesn’t involve essential products it has had to temporary close like any other shops that don’t so Dene has to focus his time on free-lance web designing putting away his time from the podcast.
We have a lot of content recorded but it’s a mystery when they will go live but they will sometime this year!
Let’s go back to Bonfirecherry hey?
I decided to start 2021 with a big clearance sale at the Bonfirecherry shop which you can find by clicking the header bar at the top of the page ^^
The sale has been getting the customers attention which has been great and if you read in the previous Cherry Posts towards the end of last year that Bonfirecherry ditched its plastic packaging for hand printed wrapping paper which you can see in the picture of this week’s picture which is from an clearance sale order!
New designs till be coming soon but want to focus on the clearance sale first, please check it out if you had the time!

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