The Cherry Post No.235 | The Last Post Of 2020

The Cherry Post No.235 | The Last Post Of 2020

Hello all to the last post of 2020!

Let’s start off from last Friday when I finally got around to traveling to The Galleria at Burton Latimer to check up on my work that I’ve got here.



Last time I visited The Galleria was all the way in March when they were at a property down the road from their new one I had a pretty good spot in there but then lockdown happened!

It’s a bit of a smaller space for my stuff than I’m used to I have to admit but I can still work with it, I like a challenge I suppose I should have checked on my work a lot sooner but was busy with retail work etc

Anyway, I mentioned the prints I was sorting out recently and changed around what I had already along with reducing the prices of the prints I’ve had in there since March, something that surprised me was that I ran out of business cards!

The day this blog post goes live, I should be receiving some new ones so that’s something to look forward to via the social media posts as the next Cherry Post won’t be going alive for a few weeks in the new year!

I changed things around I like to say I am happy with it, didn’t know what to expect so next time I visit I will be being those business cards and put some stuff about custom work.



After a bit of a delay (mixture of our current situation and how we record is making editing a challenge) episode 47 of the Bonfire Banter Podcast with Jen of SEM Help to talk about SEO!

Listen to the episode here and enjoy because it’s very informative!



I finished off my Christmas shopping this week with a small visit to Northampton Town and while I was there, I had to have a lil drink and something to eat at the Matchbox Café to end the visit to town of course because its good to support local!

I think that is it for the last Cherry post of 2020, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and new year!




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