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Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!



Let us go back to last Friday when I sent out the polaroid camera tote mentioned last week in some eco-friendly packaging, I have ditched the plastic!



I like how the designs I printed on the brown wrapping paper stood out when it was ready to be sent out, it was good I left room while printing so their space for the name and address.



This week I have been focusing on sorting out some prints for The Galleria in Burton Latimer, I produced some prints last week but the past few days I added colour to the prints I produced and printed more so I had a varied selection, I tried to go outside of my comfort zone with stuff that would stand out.

I put stuff in the shop at the start of the year and didn’t get much show due to lockdown so it be interesting to mix these prints along with the ones I have in there already.



I finally got use out of the frames I purchased all the way back in March, I like to think they stand out in these frames and with the colourful tags too!

Which of the designs do you like the most?

I will be chatting about The Galleria visit next week!

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