The Cherry Post No.232 + 233 | Breaking A 7 Year Rule

Hello to this week’s double Cherry Post!



Let’s start off talking about a new design that I finished off at the end of last week… The Warrior!

I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy online as of late as a few people recommended it and I’ve been addicted to it since so thought I do a print based on my character in it minus a small change to the face to give it a right Bonfirecherry look.



Last Friday, I finally got around to visiting The Galleria since it moved a few streets up in Burton Latimer.

It was a short visit as it was still during lock down but it was good to see the new place and the owner!

I will be taking over some new framed prints next week so the past few days I’ve re-produced some classic Bonfirecherry designs and others not seen much that I will add colour to next week so look forward to that before mounting and framing them!



After a bit of a wait, episode 46 of the Bonfire Banter Podcast went live featuring another guest who made her first podcast debut to talk about SEO, listen to the episode here.



Speaking of the podcast, we recorded our Halloween (out now) and Christmas special with Corrine West, this week I produce a 7 year old rule to produce a custom Polaroid camera design that I produced on a tote for her!

Since 2013 I said I won’t do a Polaroid because everyone does it and I’ve tried to keep it since but now it’s broken haha

I like how it turned out though.



I have wrapped the order with some wrapping paper I printed on a few weeks ago as I’ve recently ditched plastic packaging!

I think that’s everything for this week, thanks for reading!


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