The Cherry Post No.230 + 231 | Where Are The Christmas Designs?

The Cherry Post No.230 + 231 | Where Are The Christmas Designs?

Well, this is going to be a short double Cherry Post haha

So before going into what I have been up to, I go into the elephant in the room... Where are the Bonfirecherry Christmas designs?

In the current situation we are in, I’ve lost my Christmas “mojo” last year I had an excuse as I was just focused on the trip to Japan (hoping to go back in March 2022) but this year I had the idea but then lockdown happened and as I run Bonfirecherry alongside a part time job that hasn’t been affected because of it I rather let the independent crafters get sales with their Christmas designs as they need it more than me.

It is kind of put me off new designs for a while, but I am slowly getting around to it as you will see down below but just not Christmas designs, next year 1000% there will be.

The current situation has also affected the Bonfire Banter Podcast, we’ve got episodes recorded up to March next year but it has put a stop to the editing of the main episodes for about 3 weeks so far at the time of this blog post as Dene is the editor but lockdown has hit him hard and I understand what he is going through.



It’s a tricky thing as I want to keep on promoting the podcast with what we’ve got so far (45 episodes), so this week I sorted out my podcasting equipment that I haven’t used in ages to record a special episode as “Factual Fanny” a recent idea for the podcast to add humour, she is a fictional character I voice at the end of our recent episodes to bring a random fact about craft or business. As it was just me and just needed music adding on at the start, Dene was able to release it the day after I recorded it to help keep the flame of the bonfire going.

Listen to it here



Speaking of Factual Fanny, I produced the print of her a few weeks ago and this week I finally got around to producing more of this secret lady and added colour, the print should be available sometime today.



As I was going through my lino, I found part of an old A3 design and thought I print part of it onto A4 so it just says “Strange Adventures” and I like how it turned out then added a bear and a unicorn!

Another design that should be available today!

I think that is everything for this week, sorry for the post being short!



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