The Cherry Post No.23 | Let's Get Busy!

After not doing a lot of print work last week, I have gone back into doing a lot of printing as I'm still got a lot of stuff to do for the Atomic Vintage Festival in August.

One of the things I finally finished off this week have been the notebooks which I have been talking about for a fair few weeks. This now makes quarter of the work for the festival finished, I will now be moving onto the printed brooches. I will be mass producing the current designs along with two new designs which i currently have in lino which I shall have carved & printed by the end of the weekend. Later on in July I will be working on the mounted prints before ending on the tote bags along with festival only products since as A1 sized posters & A3 prints (well that's the plan at least). So realistically I shall be finished shortly before the event so another two months of being constantly being busy with print work then I can relax haha

Alongside all the work I've mentioned above I have been looking into developing Bonfirecherry more into a proper small business by looking at small business programmes that support Northampton small businesses such as mine, while it's only plans at the moment but towards the end of the year there should some interesting business developments. More details about this closer to the time.

Speaking of Northampton, someone mentioned to me at my last event I hosted a stall at is why I haven't done any Northampton inspired prints and that is a very good question. Why haven't I? Northampton is my home town so this week I have produced one of two planned Northants inspired prints such as All Saints (Aubergine) as shown above, please comment below on your thoughts of the print.

My plan during next week is the brooches, don't worry i won't be mentioning them for weeks on end like the notebooks with why they are taking me awhile to produce so many haha the printed brooches are in fact the easiest to produce. There will be two Atomic Festival only designs then 2 other designs coming to

Thanks for reading, if you got any suggestions what I should do a blog post about please comment below

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