The Cherry Post No.229 | Khandie In A Matchbox

Hello all to this weeks Cherry Post,

I have been busy so lets get straight into it!



Something that was missed at the end of last weeks post was a mention of the Halloween special for the Bonfire Banter Podcast that went live, we recorded with a wonderful guest Corrine West Media to chat about all things Halloween among other stuff (we also recorded our Christmas special with her, so wait for that). You can give it a listen in full here or search on your preferred podcasting platform.



Last Friday was a very fun day, I got my hair done for a special occasion and that was… a photoshoot with Khandie Photography!

I have mentioned Khandie sooooo much in the past, search Khandie to find out all the other times I have talked about her, random fact with these cherry post that Khandie is usually in the title for the post such as this weeks if she is heavily mentioned and this time is no different.

I wanted to update my pictures at for quite some time and choose Khandie for the job. If you have been reading the previous CPs, I have been sorting out the shed and print wall for the photoshoot.



We started off in my bedroom where the print wall is at, some of the pictures of it is now on the new update Behind The Cherry page which I have updated to a blog post page so I can use the wonderful picture of yours truly which you can see above, find the page here.

After that we went into the shed and took some pics of me doing print work, as you would expect a printmaker to do haha I got my hair done a few hours ago and I was sweating so much that my hair curled up at the front which is a bit annoying but I still love the photos that Khandie took!





The home page, History of Bonfirecherry, Custom Work and the policies page has been updated with some of the wonderful pictures!

On Sunday, I met up with one of my best buddies Dene Gibson who is my fellow co-host on the Bonfire Banter Podcast to record some podcast content at… the Matchbox Café in Northampton town.



Matchbox Café is somewhere I have always liked to go in town when I get the chance, not just because I have my artwork in there haha but because it’s always good to support local small businesses.

This recording session was something we had planned for quite some time and we choose the right time as if we choose this weekend we would have been buggered because the UK is a brief lockdown to early December but lets just move on from that.

We waited to the matchbox café to close for the Sunday to start setting up so Yasmin and Bing had time to clean the café too. It was mine and Denes first time recording audio podcast content together since early April so that and recording in a café was for sure interesting.

I confess I usually have a plan for what we talk about with guests, but on this occasion I only had a brief idea because I wanted to be a fun and random recording session with a few business related stuff mentioned to see how it went and I like to say it went ok.



We held the mics for this recording session and well. I let the video above do the talking when it came to me…



Thought the episodes would come out in February but after updating our trello upcoming episodes plan, it going to be March 2021 because we have recorded a huge bulk of episodes!



This week I have been busy with a big commission for 50 custom tea towels that sure took awhile to complete but it was good to be busy with a project like that getting my hands messy etc!

The Bonfire Banter Podcast food special has been moved to Facebook this week so people can watch it for free, the special is in parts on Instagram TV and I have uploaded it to Vimeo so I can share it on twitter due to I am not able to upload it in parts on twitter due to the files being too big and long but managed to get around that.

I think that’s everything this week, it’s sure been busy but hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing all of this up!


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