The Cherry Post No.227 + 228 | Small But A Double

The Cherry Post No.227 + 228 | Small But A Double

Hello all to this week’s double Cherry Post!

After such build up, on Friday 16th Me and one of my best friends & fellow podcast co-host Dene recorded the Bonfire Banter Food Special!



During the special we’ve tried products from Heathers, Friars Farm, The Good Loaf, Brooklyn Brownie Co, Phipps Gin & something from the Harry Potter tour, overall it was really fun because of the local produce (minus the HP butter beer) was really amazing and to record it all.

You can watch the Food Special at Buy Me A Coffee for £2 (this to support the podcast and cover the costs) here.

While we recorded the special, we recorded a new video about why you should subscribe to us (one of the reasons that we’ve got a giveaway for subscribers coming up) which you can watch above.





Two episodes featuring Kathy of Handy Creatives went live on the same week, both of which you can find here.



With Bonfirecherrys recent orders, I’ve decided to ditch plastic parcel bags and instead use brown wrapping paper which I’ve printed out this week so any orders will be even more unique, order now from the shop here if you want a piece!

The day this post goes live, in the afternoon I will be having a photoshoot with the amazing Khandie Photography!

Me and Khandie have got a bit of a history which would take a while, click on the Khandie blog tag to find out the long history.



Anyway I’ve mentioned in the previous weeks that I sorted out the print shed by clearing the rubbish for the photoshoot and for the food special that was mentioned at the start as it changed locations from Denes office, yesterday I went back in to make some changes so its perfect for the shoot and there is room for Khandie.

A small project I’ve been working on for the photoshoot is a backdrop idea I had in mind was a wall full of some of my designs and yesterday I finished sorting the back drop out.

I think that is everything for this week, sorry for it being a bit short but shouldn’t be the same next week!


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