The Cherry Post No.225 + 226 | A Great Selection

The Cherry Post No.225 + 226 | A Great Selection

Hello all to this weeks double Cherry Post, I have been busy with a lot of things which I am happy to go into!



Let us go back to Tuesday 6th October when the pre-show for Episode 43 which features Kathy of Handy Creatives. Kathy is someone I have been connected with online for the past and met up with this amazing lass just prior to lockdown in March because we were going to have a project planned for around this time but of course that didn’t happen.

Anyway, it took me awhile to convince Kathy to record with me and Dene as she’s never been on a podcast before and was very nervous so in that situation, we usually do a pre-show for the laughs and to get everyone ready for the main episode and that’s what the pre-show for Episode 43 is all about. You can listen to it here



Going on from the podcast, in recent episodes I’ve voice a character called Factual Fanny who provides the episode random fact. Last week I finally got around to doing a print on what I imagine the character to look like and I am pleased on how it turned out!



I got a lot of positive feedback on the Factual Fanny print, that one of the guests who recently appeared on the podcast bought a copy which I framed for them and travelled out to them to drop it off on Friday, how excellent is that?!

Friday was a very productive day, started off getting my eyebrows done at a local salon, travelled to Heathers to drop off the print and purchase some items for a Bonfire Banter Podcast Food Special, which on the day this post goes live we will be recording, we received some items from Steve of Friars Farm a few days before who we had a guest also.



I then travelled to Matchbox Café to have a wonderful breakfast, check up on my prints and a give a shoutout to some of the businesses they had business cards of!

I’ve got a photoshoot with Khandie Photography at the end of the month, one of the locations she will be taking some pictures of yours truly is the Bonfirecherry print shed which has been a mess as of late. So, on Saturday I sent a few hours bagging up a lot of rubbish, around 9 bags in the end which I was surprised with and I made sure to do a small change around too.



This week has been busy with the podcast food special, originally was going to record it at Dene’s office but in the end its decided to do it in the Bonfirecherry print shed which thankfully is all nice and tidy due to what I mentioned above.



Something I ordered late last month that took ages to arrive due to our current situation arrived this week, some official Harry Potter butter beer and some all flavour beans which excited to try.

In full we’ve got that are from independent Northampton based small businesses

  • Jam and Chutney from Friars Farm
  • Jam and fudge from Heathers
  • Box of Brooklyn Brownies Co
  • Oval Phipps Gin from Albion Brewery
  • Bread from The Good Loaf
  • Coffee from Yellow Bourbon

Great selection of items don’t you agree?



Episode 43 went live this week which features Kathy of Handy Creatives where we go into what she does, I let the episode description do you talking! Listen here.



I did end the week with an order which was fun to give wrap as always as I had to improvise due to running out of cardboard envelopes 😊

I think that’s everything, thanks for reading 😊


 PS. Had a problem with all a sudden Shopify not allowing me to uploaded a featured image hence none this time


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