The Cherry Post No.223 | Following Through With A Promise

The Cherry Post No.223 | Following Through With A Promise

Well hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

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Time to gift wrap!

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Let’s go back to last Friday where I work on a bonfirecherry order for one of its popular products, the Camera no.2 tote bag.
It was the first order on the site to be paid with Apple Pay, I thought “oh why not” and produce a small new design inspired by an... Apple which I sent a copy off to the customer as a bonus item along with their order!
We recorded with Steve Reid of Friars Farm last week for the Bonfire Banter Podcast, this originally was supposed to be our last recording session for awhile but it was World Narcolepsy Day this week and a close friend of mine wanted to talk about Narcolepsy and creative things so we recorded with Heather on Saturday.
The recording session went very well, because we’ve recorded content up to episode 56 plus Christmas and Halloween specials, we made it into a special Narcolepsy special so it went live on its day, which you can find here.
Before the special went live, episode 42 went live which features the very talented Jean Edwards where we talk about drawing & Urban Sketchers! You can listen to it here.
That’s all the stuff I’ve done as the co-host of the Bonfire Banter Podcast, let’s get back into what I’ve done
as Bonfirecherry hey?
I went to the Bonfirecherry print shed on Tuesday and well I was busy!
I finally followed through with a promise I made earlier this year and finally produced more of the Kanjuro Raccon print .
Along with that, I’ve produced copies of the new designs I’ve made recently
Cornish Pilchards
Who are you going to Call?
Kanjuro the raccoon
Reverie Apples (the design mentioned with the order)
Little Ladybird
All designs mentioned above are now available at the Bonfirecherry shop!
I think that’s everything for this week
Thanks for reading
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