The Cherry Post No.222 + 221 | Seasonal in September

The Cherry Post No.222 + 221 | Seasonal in September

Well hello all to this week’s Cherry Post, I’ve been busy this week so let’s get straight into what I’ve been up to!

It’s been a busy week for the Bonfire Banter Podcast, on Saturday we didn’t have one recording session but two on the same day!



Saturday started off having a chat with Sophia of The Curator Educator, who you may remembered I interviewed in The Cherry Ladies Interviews (read here) but this time in podcast form with Dene and for a bit longer. It was a lot of fun having a chat, the first episode featuring this Creative lass goes live on the week commencing 23rd November, I will post the link closer to the time 😊
About 2 hours or so after our recording session with Sophia, we produced our Christmas and Halloween special with Corrine West of Corrine West Media!
Corrine is someone me and dene became friends through a few events hosted by Khandie Photography aka Khandie Khisses, search Khandie in the search to find the times I’ve mentioned Khandie in the past.
Corrine was the pick for the Halloween special because she sometimes deals in the paranormal along with photography which we talked about in our Halloween special, just had to didn’t we!
While we were having a chat with Corrine, we decided to prepare well ahead and record our Christmas special too, it was interesting to get into the Christmas spirit this early haha
The rest of the week went very well because I produced a new linocut print based on a car I saw at the British motor museum a few weeks ago, watch this week’s video showing me carving it out and comment down before what you think!
To end the week we’ve got 2 Bonfire Banter Podcast recording sessions, on Thursday night we recorded with Steve of Friars Farm, a Northampton based small business who produces bespoke chutney and jams!
You will have to wait for next week to find out the 2nd guest, with that I think that’s everything for this post!
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