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Hello all to this week’s double Cherry Post!



Let’s go back to the day the last Cherry Post went live and I added this lil cutie to the Bonfirecherry print shed, what do you think?



I had a good day at the British motor museum with family the day after, I have produced a lot of designs that would get the attention of female customers not much for male ones so I made sure to take some good pics for some Motor inspired designs that you should see soon, watch the video above that went live this week about the visit!



Last week my visit to Looe’s heritage centre went live, watch that above too 😊



The small things really do matter, I got myself a bar stool for my bedroom which is great for being your creative co-host of the Bonfire Banter Podcast as I didn’t have a chair high enough before that so makes recording sooo much easier.



Speaking of the Bonfire Banter Podcast, last week was a good one because the first episode we recorded with friend of Bonfirecherry and fellow Northampton based artist, Jean Edwards went live which you can listen to here.

We recorded with a guest last Friday who never appeared one a podcast before and that was Kathy of Handy Creatives!

Someone I’ve been speaking to for awhile ago and met prior to lockdown to plan something that is likely to be delayed til next year due to our current situation, what she deals with is something I often struggle with along with a lot of other people so just had to have her a guest!



Kathy of Handy Creatives helps those who want to get more organised and provides a great service with advice that will help you organise things a lot better, I give you a link to her website here to find out more as I would love you all to support her.

We recorded a few episodes with her, the first episode should go live in 2 weeks’ time!



Me and dene have got so much stuff planned that I’ve got a whole episode release schedule on trello that only me, Dene and our guests will see so we all know when stuff will go live and when we will be recording. In short we’ve got stuff planned til early February 2021!

It’s been awhile since I produced a new design, even longer for a Cornwall inspired one!



After a long wait I produced this new design, that I still need to think of a name for it but it’s inspired by Looe, Cornwall, what do you think?



Episode 41 of the Bonfire Banter Podcast went live this week, give it a listen here 

I think that’s everything for this week, thanks for reading!


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