The Cherry Post No.22 | Quiet Week Part 2

Hi all!

As the title of this weeks Cherry Post gives away there hasn't been much print work this week due to how busy I've been the previous weeks but I would like to say this will be the calm before the storm as I've got tons of brooches to produce for upcoming events + for

Ideally I want to produce at least 3 or 4 new brooch designs but at the moment only got 2 designs planned. At the start of next month I more want to focus on producing at least 10 brooches in the current designs (roughly about about 80 brooches) then when have money/time I will focus on producing 10 of the other 4 designs which I've got planned.

Before my week break I did break back an old design that I haven't produced since 2014/early 2015 and that is the Typewriter A4 Linocut Prints! The design was pretty popular during the last event I was at + had a few people asking about the prints (I only had the design in blue) so got me thinking of producing more. Originally a custom design in 2014 but has always been a popular design on prints, notebooks + brooches. I have decided to bring the design back in a variety of bright colours such as a Fire Red (Above), Turquoise, Green, Yellow + Pink!

I do have an offer ONLY ON THE A4 LINOCUT PRINTS such as Focus, Turn It Up + Typewriter that when you order any 5th July you will receive a FREE SHIPPING code to use on your next order! How cool is that?

I won't reveal anything til if it works out or it's confirmed but this morning I am off to a business today that supports small businesses so going to see if it can help support Bonfirecherry. This going on from some advice someone at the Muddy Awards last week gave me so didn't want to miss out using it.

Comment below what your favourite colour is in the A4 Typewriter prints as I would love to hear your feedback :)

Thanks for reading!


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