The Cherry Post No.218 + 219 | Updating A Few Things

Hello all to this weeks double Cherry Post!




Lets start off from last week where I finally updated the front page of this website by removing the youtube video I embedded and updating it with Bonfire Banter on Spotify which will update when a new episode goes live which is good.
I updated the pics too 😊
Speaking of the Bonfire Banter Podcast, episode 38 went live last week which is about what Northampton makes great and its the first episode featuring the subscribers shoutout, find it here!
On the same day, I started to put the instant pics I took while down in Cornwall on the boards I’ve got in the Bonfirecherry print shed which I use for inspiration, I gave them a change around while I was in there.
The day ended with a Bonfire Banter podcast recording session, we had a friend of Bonfirecherry, Jean Edwards who is a Northampton based artist, a very talented one at that.
We had a great time with her, the first episode with her should go live next week!
I did wake up on Friday to this piece of customer feedback from a client who lives internationally.
I’ve decided this week that new videos will now go on Wednesday afternoon/evening instead of Saturday morning on social media.
The new video this week was an up close view one of the boards in the Bonfirecherry print shed that I mentioned earlier, watch above!
I recorded an updated subscribers shoutout for the Bonfire Banter Podcast which will be included in next week’s episode.
I ended this week with a brand new hair cut that gave me reason to update the pictures for the History of Bonfirecherry and Behind The Cherry pages on this sites 😊
I think that’s everything for this week, thanks for reading!

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