The Cherry Post No.213 + 214 | Camera, Prints and Blogs

The Cherry Post No.213 + 214 | Camera, Prints and Blogs

Hello all to this weeks double Cherry Post!

I hope everyone has been well?!

Lets go back to the Saturday after the last double Cherry Post when I published a video at the Bonfirecherry youtube video to share about what I’ve been up to recently in a short vblog.



Then during the last week, I produced some Camera no.4 tote bags which are now available at the Bonfirecherry shop!

Episode 34 of the Bonfire Banter Podcast released at The Great Shows which features our third guest Katie who runs Dotty and Dash. The episode is about social media, give it a listen here.

Ended last week by publishing a small video where I talked about Bonfirecherry’s Camera design no.1 to 4. Watch it above and be sure to subscribe if you like the content!

All the way back in March I prepared and took some prints to a shop in Wollaston which is a lovely town. Sadly this was just before the lockdown and they were only on display for about a week before the shop closed.

This Wednesday I travelled over to Wollaston to collect them, I’m not sad about the thing as I can save the stuff for an event in the future, same for the owner who has got more time to focus on other things such as a monthly craft fair.



Since March I’ve had some framed and mounted a4/a3 prints I prepared for the shops but now I can’t put them anywhere so looking at selling them privately via social media. Any that peak your interest?

Anyway, back to this week, I produced a new design!



A new A6 design which got inspired by a small little statue I came across. What do you think?

A few weeks ago I produced a few copies of a custom raccoon design that I decided to call Kanjuro, had a few orders on them this week whicch was great. Only got a few copies left and after they have gone I WILL NOT BE PRODUCING ANYMORE!

Episode 35 of the podcast released this week featuring Katie where we talked about blogging. If blogging is your thing  I recommend giving it a listen and subscribing!

The day this post goes live I be visiting a certain cafe in Northampton cafe to bring a bring to them and a possible restaurant too.

But that’s now all, me and my best buddy Dene will be recording new podcast content with our fourth guest who has a musical background but you will have to wait to find out more about this next week!

I think that’s everything for this double post, thanks for reading!




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