The Cherry Post No.211 + 212 | A Bit Short, I Know!

The Cherry Post No.211 + 212 | A Bit Short, I Know!

Hello all to another double Cherry Post!

I confess this one is going to be a bit short compared to the last double due to I haven’t done that much the past 2 weeks but didn’t mean I shouldn’t talk about what I have been up to hey?

Something that has been having the past 2 weeks is that, Dene one of my best friends and podcast co-host has been releasing episodes with Katie who runs Dotty and Dash!

Last week, Episode 32 went live with our third guest who runs a digital print business which we ask the origin about. Somehow dogs get involved in the episode, you can listen to that here.

The Bonfire Banter podcast hit a milestone last week, we done our first giveaway on Tuesday 30th! Watch the giveaway above!

This week Episode 33 got released and it’s the first episode since the very first in April 2018 that we mainly talk about printmaking with Katie, eg she produces digital while I do the physical route for lino, it’s a pretty good episode which I recommend checking out here.

During Bonfirecherry’s most recent custom project, I produced some A6 prints and with some a6 cards left over, I thought this week to try something different and produce an A6 design.

My creativity went back to Japan for ideas, for the design I produced it was based on a wooden figure I bought from a small shop off the beaten track in Takayama, Japan.



I confess it didn’t go as well as I hoped the first time.

I gave it a day and tried again to what you see for the picture for this post. I might add some colour which you will likely see next week, I haven’t came up with a name yet, maybe the reveal will come next week too!

I think that’s everything, I know I know I know the post is brief which I do apologise for, I’ve been busy with other stuff which has distracted me from Bonfirecherry but with our current situation slowly going back to normal I hope to bring back content of my prints being in shops etc.

Thanks for reading!

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