The Cherry Post No.21 | The Muddy Stilettos Awards and A Lot Of Notebooks

Hello all!

Normally with the Cherry Post I talk about what happened this week in order what happened but not this week.

I attended The Muddy Stilettos Awards yesterday after winning in the category BEST LOCAL PRODUCER (CREATIVE) in Northampton on Tuesday which has made my year and we only half way through it!

I was invited to an event with other winners (click here for list of all winners) at New Lodge Vineyard in Northampton which is a lovely location for such an event it rained before the event started then turned very sunny & hot during then rained again when the event finished it's like the weather knew something important was going on!

I confess I sometimes find it awkward to socialise with a group people that I don't know that well so took me a bit to chat to other winners but glad I did try to chat to people as it was worth it after chatting to a few managing directors of some great Northampton based business, one of them gave me some advice that will help Bonfirecherry quite a lot while another has offered me a great event opportunity later in the year.

I like to say thank you very much for everyone who voted which meant I could attend this wonderful event it really made me happy & keeping me motivated to carry on!

I am doing an event on Saturday so I am going to be showing off my award which I received so expect to see that when I upload pics from the event tomorrow via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (all social links can be found via the links at the very bottom of this page) &

Don't worry I did treat myself I had "some" glasses of bubbly & some great gin from the The Little Gin Company while nibbling on some of the yummy caviar and cupcakes that had I was pretty well stuffed and full when I left haha

Before I talk about other things I highly recommend checking out these lovely & amazing ladies:

  • A great friend & talented photographer Photos by Jen who took all the professional pictures for the event. Find her facebook page here 
  • Anna-Lou & her wonderful team from Muddy Stilettos for the awards & everything else! Find the amazing blog here
  • Julia Harris from Photo Keeper who produces a great ios/android photo album app. Find her website here 

If you got any questions about the event or anything else please comment below.

At the start of the week I started to mass produce my products for the Atomic Vintage Festival in August starting with notebooks, I ended up producing 155 notebooks as shown above there is roughly 11/12 different designs mixed in. Saying that you may noticed there is only 6 designs currently available at, I will be adding the new designs by the end of the week. I plan on the first week in July to mass produce brooches, like the notebooks expect a few new designs but there will be a few that can only be purchased at the event.

As mentioned earlier I am doing an event on Saturday/tomorrow at the Vintage & Craft Fair at Abington Park Museum so alongside everything else mentioned above I have been sorting stock out which I sold at the last event, expect posts via my social sites during the event as I loved it at the museum in April. I managed to get back into the room I was in last time so that's going to make the day even better!

I have done so much print work recently that next week I won't be doing any print work part from going over what materials I will need to order & give the print shed yet another clean as it's messy again!

So overall this week has been truly amazing mainly because of the support you give Bonfirecherry that keeps me motivated.

Thank you very much for reading, please comment below if you got anything you want to say!




Yvette Treasaden

Congratulations! Well deserved, keep up the great work.

Kim Wood

So proud of you and your achievements, it’s really great when a young person has a dream and uses their talent to set up their own business. Keep up the good work.

Gwen Baird

What a great Blog and a fantastic article – well deserved award and it looked like a fabulous day yesterday. Thanks for sharing it with us Matthew, well done you! Gwen x

Karen Caldwell

As always another great post. So pleased you won this award, so deserving. Let’s hooe more prople find about ur amazing work and talent xxx

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